Friday, July 31, 2009

Sometimes aku rasa makin byk wujud all sorts of communications ,makin lagi hard
communicating with everyone, face to face. What I mean is, makin susah nak percaya.
Doubts and all akan di cari matikmatian dalam alam maya. If satu pihak kata dia tak buat,
does the other pihak take his words?
Doubt it. Mesti cari habisan dekat sini kan.
I hate facebook and all. Well, despise and loving it all at the same time.
Kadang-kadang rasa nak go back 10 years earlier where you can have real phone
conversations and real chitchats, w/o cakap psl "eh kau tgk tak fb/blog/whatsoever mamat tu?".
Sigh. I'm one of em too. Sometimes aku rasa relief he's not the interneet geek as I am.
Coz 1 is enough. And I cant wait to mellow down. I'm mellowing a little though after the holiday.
Feels..healthier this way.

Home's where the you know what is

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So off I went to Terengganu after Uitm's sudden closing haritu . Booked the ticket on the 26th? and 5 hours of bus ride, such bliss la. Been awhile since I last went on any trip gna bus, oh well minus the horrid trip to Penang that is. As I said before, I love travelling alone without any companion. It's like the only time I could like, really drown in thoughts and songs.
Tomorrow will be going to KT, lusa, home, then trus g rumah Ayla to help.
Tiring day. Goodnite.

Something i realized

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Most of low selfesteem ppl like to put others down, focusing on physical flaws rather than whats inside. Maybe in order to feel good about themselves?

Friday, July 24, 2009

Uitm cuti aku rasa cam lega tapi byk lak benda nak pk and settle. Aku determined kali ni.
Mata berat sgt tapi tah ape tah aku pk stayup. Oh skarang stiap hari aku mcm mendaki ke fakulti gile la 1st day mmg pancit lg tecungap2 tq pak gad halau kami dari parking di fak so lepas ni dh tak tau dh nak parking mana tadi dah kena saman pula.

Assignment adalah bosan2 bosan tadi kure punye poem lecturer baca kuat2 so skarang he's proclaiming he's Dr Seuss ke apa ngada gila haha takpe asalkan boost smangat die utk buat thesis whoa.
Speakinf of thesis, hrm tak sntuh pape.!! Tadi presentation pun buat takat tahu je adoi tah cane markah la dak2 len dpt tepukan. I feel so stupid and lazy and behind je.

MMg lazy gila. Ok not looking forward to photography, next week kene bwk form and torchlight. Mesti nak tngkap gmbar bosan lagi DAYME. Why dint he just ask to submit photos yang tngkap snediri2 thru email je? Ive taken photography 3 times already and please, dah part 5, tlgla mudahkan kerja kami!

Zul, spek Zul nk Yo pulang bila?hehehe Over je pkai tadi. Uitm cuti sminggu so Im gonna buy me a tix to Tganu. Ciao

My French Lecturer told me the first alphabet a baby can utter is the word M.
Thats why their first word is always Mama, and to the first person yang celik-celik ada.

Geget pipiiii!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kepada sesiapa warga warga Uitm Shah Alam, sila korbankan diri anda untuk menjadi mangsa H1N1 suapaya Uitm close 1 minggu!!!!!!!!!!

Part 5 sux the hell out of me and aku mcm ade banyak gile complaint sana sini pasal banyak benda but yeaa seperti biasa aku takut blog menulaar ke pengetahuan lain so arghhh malas gile nak melalui. Aku dah cuba tak basuh muka tak mandi apa sume untuk nak melalui hari2 pergi kelas tapi aku masih susah nak melalui! well bukanla setiap hari tp pada hari2 tertentu sahaja. And aku malas nak on komen dgr komen2 yang ckp eii gile busuk tak mandi sebab aku malas oke? S o d i a m.

I just want to go home. And ride bikes, eat pau goreng, play with my nieces and family and close friends, paint and other happy stuff.

Or maybe go to Trengganu, where I can play with my nieces and go to the beach and look at rabbits and chickens and not touching em and pretend to be a dog or maybe a monkey or even a bird with the kids, :'(

Kure is thinking of getting a cat, [harap2 kitten] but where to find? I'm still not over my phobics on cats tah bile la bleh habis haritu makan nasi lemak tibe2 ade kucing btul2 muncul bawah meja and she just kidan like stared at me with big eyes and aku mcm tekejut gile so I bumped my knees kat bwh meja, causig air2 hampir tertumpah. Chaos.

My weekend so far

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Just leave me awake to remember you by.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Current playlist.

Ode to the one

Friday, July 17, 2009

For the rides to everywhere, for the encouraging words, sticking through the silly breakdown
for hours to end, for the patient smile you cast everytime I utter something stupid and the childlike way of thinking.
For the scolding and disaproving look when I don't feel like going anywhere and down on my luck.
For the trouble I've caused with my impulsiveness and the way you can read my silly little mind and how it always pisses me off I know I can't ask for nothing more than that and how you always find the time to be there,
and for the sticking by's and peter pan's and pixie dust. looking at me as if I'm crazy but you love me nontheless.

"Aku nak jaga kau"- 2007.

And I thought you were bluffing.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kure left to perform Fridays prayer so I'm here blogging hurriedly as I don't feel comfortable blogging when he's around -_-" Rasa malu

So yeah, gone through the whole week dengan classes yang mundane and lame assignments for the whole semester. 'No more designing whatsoever, lets blabbed about research, reports and other boring stuff!
Gonna check myself out this evening and be bck on Monday so byebye Shah Alamians I do'n't really feel like talking much about the projects but I'm aiming for alam sekitar those type of stuff. What to do eh to change and bg kesedaran to people pasal alam sekitar yang makin jahanam?
Create a moreee fun looking recycle box for em to dump their stuff in??

Oh yeah submitted 2 of my artworks for "Rumpun", event held by A&D. Let's just see how things goes. Nothing new, just the same painting you saw on the fb and deviantart.
Thankx to Salleh for taking your time to print and laminate and cut and paste mmm :') So happy.

From under the dust

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My sister once told me that to get married, the couple should have the same principles and views towards life, money, bersosial and such.
I'm always a sucker for everything yang die cakap coz I guess being the little sister I am, I looked up towards my older sister like any other baby sister would do.

Kalau prinsip2 kau berbeza, apa kau cakap macam pergi kanan while the other cakap pergi kiri and I guess bila dah dua dua pihak rasa mmg principle masing masing betul, it won't really lead them anywhere huh?
Let's talk about truce, or maybe giving in.

Giving in should be made equals, but many said that perempuan kena lebih banyak beralah so apa jadi bila principle si gadis pulak perlu diketepikan?
Patut ke sebelah pihak je makan dalam ?
Tapi aku pernah tengok married couple yang kau tau right away si perempuan yang lebih banyak bersabar dengan si lelaki, dan ada juga married couple yang aku tengok yang lelaki lebih banyak bersabar untuk si perempuan. Check the lines kat muka diaorang. Or maybe the way they smile. Maybe kau boleh tau sapa lebih berkorban dari siapa.

Semua ni boleh direlatekan dengan principle yang berlainan? Or is it just a matter of patience and love?
And trust?

Pernah ke tengok orang yang principle sama get together and everything is fine and takde
problem langsung apa sume? Could you buy something like that? And lived happily ever after tanpa 1 pun pergaduhan?
Ke tuhan bagi benda-benda ni semua untuk ajar masing2 the other side of one's principle and to open up their minds , letak diri kat kasut orang lain, rasa ape diaorg rasa atau fikir apa diaorang fikir?

I don't know, I really don't know.

Friday, July 10, 2009

"And I hope you're holding hands by New Year's Eve"- Arctic Monkeys

Material Girl, Seafood, Love and Above

So finished my practical yesterday, so happy and got back to prepare to go to Ayla's house and get sum bbq! So nice I tell you and slept at her house after that, well, boraking smpai 2 am in the morning. Kalau time kecik2 dulu smpai lepas sbuh. ni 2 je dh tak larat.

Then went back and off to Times Square with Fatin to watched "Obsessed" . She didnt telll meee Beyonce yang berlakonnnn so cani je

F: Weh nak tgk obses tak? Mcm bes gile je
Y: Wah nak!
F: Ok aku book tiket.

So aku mcm kinda tak tanye/terlupa pasal isi movie tu so layan je apa yg dihidangkan. Corny thug lovin' tapi ahaha ok gak la beyonce mcm cun lak dlm tu. Very motherly and warm ummm +++ fo jay-z he's a lucky man.

And theeeeeeeeeeeeen. the higlight of the day,,, went bargain huntinggg and it was DA BOMD!
OK salah eja tp wth kan mmg bess TS I owe u one!! *STANDING OVATION*
Tlg la kalau bawak laki mane2 pun g TS sume akan ckp "Eiii dressing mcm Cina je" gile racist kot dorang tsktsk but we really had fun!
Found a verry large selendang and one of a kind nyer design so we bought it for rm10 and went upstairs to potong jadi 2 and share the slendang so mcm costnya baru RM5 je. Sweet kan share selendang kerat 2? BFF Waaaaaaaaa
Kure slalu ckp JOKINGLY [ye aku anggap je die joking huhu] I'm becoming more materialistic but this is a shoutout for youuu.. I'm not materialstic its just that finally skarang Mlaysia dah start ade clothes2 yang bes and cantik and tutup aurat and murahh so the "yo yg suke shopping" has finally got out of her cacoon and enjoy shoping~
Ok ok ni last utk sem ni promise promise promiseXXXXXX

So went back and Ila ajak lepak jadi lepak aaaa kali ni dua dua ade mood coz keje setel so bantai gelak je now my pipi mcm rasa nak cabuttt. Lagi2 gosip pasal Zul langgar pakcik tua guna motor ok mmg klaka gila la siap kena maki ngan pakcik tu then die lak maki pakcik tu then sentap tanak lalu jambatan tu 1 bulan gile drama ok.
And later on, boss blanje makan seafoooddd so vewy2 nice ending la untuk sisa2 di Bangi.

I'm sposed to go back tomorrow to Shah Alam but looking at my suku packed bag, mcm kena balik lusa je. Oh well see how things goes.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Perbualan di dalam surau

Time kat surau.

Seorang Mak Cik Streamyx yg sering baru selesai solatnya kemudian berpaling ke arah kami..

Mak Cik Streamyx : Korang ni kerja kat mane?
Y : aaa,,ABV graphic
Mak Cik Streamyx : ABC?ABV?
Y : ABV Graphic, kitorang praktikal 2 bulan

Mak Cik Streamyx : ooo..keje2 graphic la ni..padan la mak cik tgk asal mak cik dtg je korang dah terlentok..mak cik pon pikir la penat sgt la tu..(sambil begaya tido kaw2 cam teruk gile je kiteorg ni) keje ape korg nih..abv yg kat belakang tu eh?
Y : Ha'ah kat blakang
Y & S : Ekekekekekekeke..ekekekekekke
(sambil menyumpah dlm hati)
Mak Cik Streamyx : (bebel2..bebel2 lagi ulang ayt yg same..)
Y : uh..kitorg keje ngadap kompiter macik..that's y penat
Mak Cik Streamyx : ooooo..padan la...(smbil bebel ayt yg same..)
Yo n s : Ekekekekekekeke..ekekekekekke..Ekekekekekekeke..ekekekekekke
Mak Cik Streamyx : mak cik pon pelik la tgk korg..smpai kawan mak cik tanye korg keje ape smpy tlentok baring kat sini..kenal tak ade sorg kwn mak cik..bla..bla..die pon dok tanye korg keje ape smpai penat camni
s : ye..(angguk2,layan je la)
( kejadah aku nak cam muke kawan kau )
Y : Ye la kitorg penat asik ngadap pc mak cik

Kemudian datang kawan nya masuk utk solat..mereka berdua pon borak2 gosip2 gitu

Mak Cik Streamyx : ni ah budak2 ni keje kat abv..patut la wat keje graphic mmg penat..
Mak Cik Digi : ke..padan la..

s: syidat


Perasaan sayu aku kat Bangi. Seriously, aku rindu time kawan-kawan semua kat sini. And that cerain kawan jugak. This is for ya.

To an old friend of mine

"I want to thank you for being a part of my Forget-Me-Nots and Marigolds,
And all the things that don't get old.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Jacko's autopsy's result. Hu thanx to Kosmo. Mixed feelings about these pics. rupanya gmbar palsu haha i need to read the news more often la wiwiwi malu
So yea, started the day with nice text from the lover, bidded farewell to my sis yang dah off ke kampus dgn bilik sorang dengan kipas yang laju dan seadanya dem Im jeles takpe2.

Then ate hotdogs and scrambled egg, made in dapur, by my dad tq abah :') and had french fries and sundae choc from McD in the afternoon.
Watched Smosh with Om and had a good laugh those dudes are crazy la and the latest vid mmg lawak gile. HAHAHAHA takleh blah black berry sila tgk ye kwn2 I'm feeling rather joyous today so I'm gonna provide y'all with this vid.

Cant wait for the 2nd vid.
Then went out to Ameerali with Fatin and had the usual. Magee Goreng. Went back home and abah offered to go to bundle and search for shoooes and I got all excited so off we went and yeaa saya jumpa! So happy! Macam best pakai used shoes yang mcm mmg dah lembik and rasa macam second skin to the feet so bes bes.
Then tgk dvd The Sound Of Music with dad tapi tak habes zzzzzzz

Nitey nite. I'm gonna miss this house of mine.

Thankyou abah!! :DD love yaa abah!


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Should I...or should i not?

If Columbus was wrong I'd drive straight off the edge


I realized myposts lately have been very bitter over everything.
I'm ggetting bitter and bitter. Aku complained dekat dia and he said his words and I'm still proving my point so he told me to sit still and think about it.
So I'm thinking, verything and evryone is changing. I'm panicking right now, to the point where I feel as though its so safe being here in the comfort of my room and not having a care for the world.

Aku jumpa ex aku dekat mamak belakang kedai aku makan. Spek besar, ketua amongst all the boys. As always. I wonder when will he grow up and get out of this place, do something useful with his life, once in a while.

At some point, mesti part of the brain cells macam damaged , kalau kau betul betul nak kuar dari satu tempat tudari kecik, and kau dah 20 smtg, kau masih dekat tempat sama, dengan kawan-kawan sama yang sama nasib, yang join jadi backup ko kalau ko gaduh sebab nak territoryy, atau pempwan, atau pape je pun.

Aku duduk kat bilik dengan favourite stoking aku, katak yang satu pair lagi aku tak tau kat mana. Nantok and all.
Bila dpt jumpa salma lagi?

This is an old post. Saja rambled. I was so bitter haritu its as if kau cucuk aku, i was so bitter I'm not surprised kalau poison keluar. haha.
Well I'll be leaving this sat. Gonna meet up ngan Ciklah's fam tomorrow night.. The baby [Almira] was superduper cute. Cant wait for her to grow lagi big so we can play togede2.
Gonna be leaving the office tomorrow and I'm superpsyched! Rindu? No way! The only thing yang I'll missed is Syidat's company coz she's super lawak and best!
Oh and I'll miss the ikan bakar and this makcik streamyx yang kelakar.
Rupanya kitaorg jadi bahan bual makcik2 surau sebab lepas smayang je tido and they'd go like "Dorang keje ape ni? Penat sgt ke? Diaorg datang dari mana?" wakakaka. Coz we're like the new faces yang lepak kat pehentian kajang ni and we're such a stuckup tak bual ngan sape2 je but they were so nice though :') sayang makcik2 streamyx, makcik ikan bakar and anak makcik ikan bakar .


Friday, July 3, 2009

A day in the life of me.
The main reason aku macam malas stick around dekat Bangi lama sangat is the lack of friends.
Since aku kerja and aku tak menyempat nak g mana2 to meet up orang2 luar, so aku depend on my friends utk keluar makan ke apa.
And since I dont drive, itu lagi menyampah. Menyampah sangat2.
And so, cuti ni yang tinggal is the couple.
Yang lain, maybe dah bored out of their wits so thats why no one stays in Bangi anymore.
And the only people yang available is this couple.
Don't get me wrong, I love em to death.
But bila kau hangout and ko terpaksa menempuh drama sandiwara depan kau yang menelan masa beberapa jam and the only topic yang dibincangkan is "cinta diaorang", aku rasa kau boleh pengsan kot atas meja tu sambil telan air kosong.
Dud, one thing yang aku sure, ko tak cakap pasal hal peribadi cinta kaw2 dengan satu table. Kawan-kawan kau maybe ketawa and layan, tapi smpah muak weh!
I know I'm gonna get into trouble coz I'm posting this tapi this is the only way to handle the situation.
I've created a monster.
Kenapa? Well, dua dua pernah jadi bestfriend aku dan disebabkan aku macam busy sgt and cam dah tak sempat nak bagi all out untuk diaorg, aku pair kan diaorg up dengan bagi number phone. Well, they clicked instantly and now aku semacam dah lose dua2 besfriend aku.
Tapi aku tak kesah weh. Just that kalau aku lepak ngan diaorg, tolong crita benda lain other than " ehh i tau u syg i" "i tak suka u.i benci" "alaa tipu.ckp u syg i". * mixed with cubit cubit, tarik rambut, suara kuat gadoh depan dpan aku, and berlanjutan dari mula cuti sampai akhir. Aduiyai. The reason aku hangout lagi sebab aku harap ade perubahan. Coz aku dah penah sound scare elok.
Smalam was like the climax or what, He invited his friend, and she does the same also. And dekat table, dengan berkumpulnya orang, diaorang bersandiwara and lastly, lepas semua balik, the girl merajuk and nak drive sendiri, leaving me stranded so the guy sent me back home.
I always enjoy a good drama, tapi berpada-pada la heih.
I don't mind being the org tgh or whatever, tlg korang settlekan probs but bila borak, lets borak abt the real thing la, bukan aku jd pelihat dan pendengar kepada *pda korang.
So yeah, basically aku mcm parasit kat Bangi sekarang. Layan je apa yang datang. Bos datang.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

I'm back and about. Thanks to mumsy and Kure for those encouraging words. I love u sooooooooooooooooooo very the mucho.
Now to start planning.
I'm gonna have to learn how to sew balik since the bag for Kalia cam ade terlonggar sikit so harus blaja!
And I want to throw that petrified look on Kure's face everytime aku offer utk jahit sluar dia!!! manyakk benci looooo.
Oh lets see..the camera is healed..with a rm300 worth of treatment!hmph.
Sorry Hanei my mum tak kasi jual pulak kamera tu..say sorry to ur friend ehh?I'll try to find somebody else yg nk jual kamera dia. I think my cousin pun ade nk jual. haha mustve run in the family blood.

So kerja will last till this coming coming Friday[do the victory dance] or maybe thursday, depending on my boss's willingness to set us free lagi awal. So maybe will pay Ayla a visit on Friday?
And packingggg,
Dgr cite Uitm takleh parking kt fac dah??? Wadefff?
Mcm cukup bas je nak bwak kiteorg student2 dari padang kawad! Poyorono!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

You know I'm your lil secret.