Sunday, July 5, 2009

Jacko's autopsy's result. Hu thanx to Kosmo. Mixed feelings about these pics. rupanya gmbar palsu haha i need to read the news more often la wiwiwi malu
So yea, started the day with nice text from the lover, bidded farewell to my sis yang dah off ke kampus dgn bilik sorang dengan kipas yang laju dan seadanya dem Im jeles takpe2.

Then ate hotdogs and scrambled egg, made in dapur, by my dad tq abah :') and had french fries and sundae choc from McD in the afternoon.
Watched Smosh with Om and had a good laugh those dudes are crazy la and the latest vid mmg lawak gile. HAHAHAHA takleh blah black berry sila tgk ye kwn2 I'm feeling rather joyous today so I'm gonna provide y'all with this vid.

Cant wait for the 2nd vid.
Then went out to Ameerali with Fatin and had the usual. Magee Goreng. Went back home and abah offered to go to bundle and search for shoooes and I got all excited so off we went and yeaa saya jumpa! So happy! Macam best pakai used shoes yang mcm mmg dah lembik and rasa macam second skin to the feet so bes bes.
Then tgk dvd The Sound Of Music with dad tapi tak habes zzzzzzz

Nitey nite. I'm gonna miss this house of mine.


Nene said...

no way.takkan la tu mj?!haha,scary gile.