I have to do it

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tho I looked well, dem scary in this pic, Hanan iss sooo darn comel specially tang2 awan biru kat belakang tuuu grrrrrrrrr. And haruss kene tutup muka k coz sgt the comot and muka ala ala the it.
go figuree

One happy family.

Got tired of it all so I slept at the wrong side of the bed so I could sum up the feelings and whatnots and come up with my own conclusion..about life,people and love.
Maybe I'm just yearning at my own ball of yarn.
No one to tell me what to do, to tell me the way I should lived the life.
Give me options, multiple of it,
look and see where it'll take me.
Pretend I'm a drama you loved watching at 5 pm everyday.

I'm not you little baby bird, broken wings and heart,
pretending to fly but got no guts to just go for it.

Love me, is it too much to asked for since what I am offering now is just not beautiful nor perfect and out of your unthinkable mind?

Love me and I'll shine. Promise you I will.

P/s: And no, this semi-poem is not at all pasal my love life ke ape. I'm perfectly happy thankyou. Just something I've been thinking abt these past few days but rasa cam malas ckp direct.

P/ps: Al-Fatihah to the two trekkers, one of them happens to be our neighbour. Hopefully the children are handling it well.

"At the end of the day, when it comes down to it, all we really want is to be close to somebody. So this thing, where we all keep our distance and pretend not to care about each other, is usually a load of bull. So we pick and choose who we want to remain close to, and once we've chosen those people, we tend to stick close by. No matter how much we hurt them, the people that are still with you at the end of the day - those are the ones worth keeping. And sure, sometimes close can be too close. But sometimes, that invasion of personal space, it can be exactly what you need. " - Grey's Anatomy

Ku rindu

Monday, March 30, 2009

I love love her teeth

Ma mere et mon pere. Best parents ever. Mereka sgt aneh in a good way.
The death of our trusty cherry tree. skrg keta galant pun arwah:(

minus me
once in a blue moon hew


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mtv me dah setel. Now I have 3 proposal thesis to sort thru, and Miss Nur's Project Managemnt which due lg 1 more week!!!!!!!!!!
Chill yo chill.
Watched Talentime and wasnt that great. Goes to show that Yasmin Ahmad takkan boleh keluar dr kepompong dia so ,not a waste sgt la got some good moral values in it but the lead actress's charisma is as low as an ant's bottom, sgt tak reti berlakon and i'm not a big fan of Amani, but Amani definitely delivers a better performance than the girl.

Lets see.. what else? mmmoh. Currently thinking over andd over pasal marriage. No wait dont get panic it's just, yesterday I talked to a guy friend of mind and he quoted "Bukan lelaki kalau tak rasa nak kahwin lebih dari 1" and if you browsed around dkat blog, ramai dah cakap pasal ni. He said God has made the males mcm ni. I was like, but how can you promised your wife before marriage that she'll be your one and only when in mind, you put the polygami thingy as an option. Sure I know it;s like sunat ke apa if you mampu but how can you do that to your wife?
This is a very sensitive issue but I'd really like to know, semua lelaki ke macam ni or is it the majority? Already asked kure and he assured me that bukan semua mcm tu and he's prolly right coz our parents r the living proof but ok, this is the modern days we're talking about.


Oh well, let's just hope for the best shall we and live with ignorance and hopefully everything will turned out lovelay in the end. :)

America's Unhealthiest Restaurants [om tis is for u]

Friday, March 27, 2009

According to Yahoo News, most of the food served in these restaurants are high in trans fat, like really high, and got rated D+, and McD's scored B+ which is an improvement since last checkup.

Well cept for TGI Friday, which scored F. Gile babi kan? Seb baik aku tak mampu.

Seems like most of the food yang too expensive for my taste bud and mmg ade hikmah pun.haha. Oh you can tefer to this article if you wanna know more

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Here's the poohbear btw.

Reka tee

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

TV3 asked us and a whole bunch of other universisties students to come up with designs for tv3 anniversary so yea, did this during philosophy's class, thanx to babu for lending me his lappiee.
Haha design mcm apa. Hey kure must be so proud i can draw kucing now meeorwwww tho i still despised one
Oh and i'm not putting any hopes for winning, just so you know ;)

A happy update

Coming down with a sorethroat, hopefully tak lead to demam ke apa.
Went to SACC (?) with the usual person hehe and had lunch at Nachos Nachos whichh is a nice getaway and had tons of jalapeno. man..i love jalapeno so much rasa mcm nak jerukkan sendiri je.

Had a great time membahan all those corny packaging dekat Giant like mister Maruku and Mister ape tah lagi, sume tiru mister potato.
And that guy with the wise head, and the little girl kt tepi. I'm blogging this out so I can remember the happier times. We each reached a truce on RMD and MTVME so I'M gooood. we're good.


Thankies =)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dear loved ones,

Thankyou so much for the birthday wishes, the cards, cakes,pies, pwetty2 presents and such. I'm really touched.

My family, mak for the nice present and abah for the apple pie and the rest for the wishes huhu really miss u guys,wish dpt celebrate skali ,
makcik & pakcik for the cake n present and aliyah for the sweet present also =D and the rest of kure's siblings, teharu,
wok and bagung and the ppl in facebook..dunno what i did to deserved this
:D Love you guys lots and lots.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Semua lagu yang pernah bawak makna.

astronot arol II

aroll..komen2..blogaku tu utk watermark je utk blog ni hehehe nanti akan di buang

"awal tahun f2.time nk masok gate skolah.aku prasan ko pakai kasot tumit ko tekeluar
cm menarik
sbb kita cm sama2 lewat
tp ko cm nmpak lewat gila sbb kasut ko tak masok abis"


Today was a very tiring but well, nice day. Started off with heavy workloads of bel report and finished it in time for class. Lambat sejam tho. Had to wear baju kurung but kinda like the feeling since lama gile tak pakai baju kurung so yeaaa..haha

Got an ok marks for the presentation. Hopefully the whole thing was good and dapat buat record pegi klas 3x je the whole sem. caya tak caya la kan.
Mak bace ni mesti risau je kan kan kan. so yg penting hari ni adalah hari last untuk english class!
gile byk masa dpt dijimat lepas ni!

And tadi, Nasi Lemak Cinta Sayang had an open day ke ape,makan free. nasilemak plus ciken and sirap.free..

sgt sedap k so harusla promote kat blog.

Nasi Lemak Cinta Sayang kat Komersial Center. Tepi kedai 1 stop mmkay??

Thats my peterpan .Cool gile

Friday, March 20, 2009

hari ini aku adalah sedih. :(
Dah budget nak balik this friday, tiba2 my oh lecturer tukarkan date presentation utk report bel jadi esok.6 to 8 pm. yea and report tu baru 20% bwat. dahla dh brapa lama je aku x balik umah.


xda mud nak type so..have a nice weekend.

New header bayybeh!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

As if u dint noticed.haha.
well glad I managed to tukar the boring old header. just pray that gisele wont sue me for adjusting her design. ^_^

So, if you guys need/want a new header for ur blog, I'm happy to do it for ya! But have to pay la kan.hehe Toodles!

The beauty of getting old

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Beauty ?
22 yrs old.well nak dkat. but still..tua gak kot.

Aku cam sedar aku makin tua bila..

aku rasa mamak dah makin terlalu bising and sempit,

tulang makin banyak bunyi lagi lagi bila jalan guna lutut, [prak prak]

holiday tak mcm holiday kalau ada kerja,

mcdonel makin mahal,

kawan-kawan sms ajak lepak makin berkurang [maybe disebabkan hal yg pertama],

keluarga jadi hal number 1 aku [aside from kerja],

aku makin tak byk buang masa [poyo tapi cam betul],

balik ke bangi, aku prefer duduk rumah,

aku sgt mementingkan penyahtinjaan,

kure jadi besfren aku [haha sori tp btul],

aku makin suka minyak wangi and baju2 and kasut oxford flat,

aku makin suka babies,

aku dah tak ramble dekat blog pasal hal2 personal sgt,

rambut belakang aku dah sama panjang dengan rambut depan aku,

kluarga jadi tempat aku mengadu.

k skian nak g klas bye!


Sorry for the watermark yg sgt poyo and opacity tinggi.haha.

Arol, this ok?

Tak smpat bwat kawan die tutup mata. really2 sori yea?
I'll make the whole cover after u proceed this one

Nevermind post bawah!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

cheaptrickk is the best ..jyeahh!

Is it enough to love?
Is it enough to breathe?
Somebody rip my heart out
And leave me here to bleed
Is it enough to die?
Somebody save my life
I'd rather be anything but ordinary please.
I'd rather be anything but ordinary please

Bila makin tua, lagu lagu pop menjadi semakin bermakna. Maybe sebab perasaan dah tak terumbang ambing, tak perlu lagu yg ada deeper meaning utk huraikan perasaan yang celaru zaman muda-muda dulu. Stabil? H a H a :)

The return of Goblins

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Nostalgia beb. Tak sabar nak balik & main. Tq abahh


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Not bad, not bad at all.

Alaa tomeynya Salma

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I have to amik this post frm my sister walaupun bleh link atau tulis balik, i chose to copy n paste

Yesterday while eating her chicken wing Salma asked me this:

Salma : Mama, mana head chicken ni, macam head Salma?
Me: Ada dekat pasar dah kena potong
Salma: Nanti ayam tu matilah
Me: Yela, kena mati baru boleh makan
Salma: Dia mati kat mana mama?
Me: Mati dekat farm
Salma: Oh, farmer tu jahat!
Haha, then she babbles apa entah lagi
A few months ago while waiting in the car with the kids, the car next to us reversed, then Salma cakap "Mama, car kita dah pandai move sendiri". It seemed to her that our car was moving forward.
Last year when my uncle passed away because of semput I told Salma about it and said we shouldn't smoke cigarettes because it's bad for us. This was the first time we talked about death, so a few days after she was still talking about it, how tok's sister (never can remember brother) dah mati. Then I asked kenapa? She said sebab isap kuih. I was confused then barulah ingat that she'd probably never seen anybody with a cigarette and all this while dia dok ingat kuih rokok!!hahah...funnyla Salma ni

Oh and haruslah amik gmbar nya skali

Jenis yang perlu ambil angin

Monday, March 9, 2009

Boleh tak aku tanye, kalau korang [readers] buat satu satu kerja dlm satu tempoh yang lama yakni beberapa hari, korang perlu tak ambil udara segar atau jalan jalan tgk2 pesekitaran untuk kurangkan tekanan otak yang tepu, atau korang prefer habiskan terus kerja tu since deadline nak dekat?

Aku orang yang pertama. Salah ke aku mcm tu? Kerja ytak boleh jalan kalau aku duduk kat satu tempat je macam tu. Kalau zaman hostel2 dulu, aku ingat Sarah [roomate,besfren,sister] aku akan balik dr kelas petang2 and akan bawakkan rojak atau ape ape kueh mueh and dia suruh aku lupakan kerja kejap and lepak kat tangga hostel[tingkat 3] makan rojak, tgk org lalu lalang, moto eksiden dekan roundabout, pak guard maki student dating, and kiteorg akan update dengan gosip2 terbaru sambil suwit2 dekat pondans dari jauh. One of the best moment dekat diploma aku.

And lepas habis 1 jam, baru sambung buat kerja dengan hati yang ceria and jiwa yang tenang.
Kalau time malam lak, no matter what, bila dh stress je , aku and Sarah akan tong2 duit syiling sampai cukup rm1.60 untuk beli air gedegang [air mesin ye utk pelajar bukan hostel yg tak paham] pastu lepak bawah kejap tgk moon and stars (eh ko rasa die pun tgk tak bulan cam kite ni eh?) sambil berfalsafah pasal dunia and gosip2 murah uitm Perak .

Aku rindu Sarah. Sgt2.

Aku cam tengah stress and rindukan zaman lampau and yea I know ayat kau berkata tak perlu nak melayan prasaan but I choose to blogged it out coz I'm feeling rather lonesome right now.
Kerja banyak and rasa block.

Lega sikit lepas blog. Maybe sambung buat kerja lepas ni. Take care people

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lebam gila nnak sambung bwat keje. Mtv me is doing fine, followed my sis's idea pasal beaver ke ape cept that my beaver looks a lot like chipmunk so I keep calling it chipmunk secare tak sngaje. Aiyo.

Tah bile ha nak siap. Malas seh nak bwat 2d animation ni sebnanye tapi dh flash ape sume tak blaja blaja lg,tepaksa la menghambakan diri. Post is getting boring n boring , sejajar dengan kehidupan sosial ku. Haha. The highlight of the week is eating oreos cicah susu ,hasil perbelanjaan kure. Sedap k so akan d highlight jugak. Dah tua tua ni kene start minum susu byk2 sket haa time zaman remaja dulu I kinda kurangkan tahap peminuman coz takut makin meninggi. Ah yeah, those were the days. I really dont like la being tall and all. Ingat lagi time form 2, I put an iron, tons of textbooks yg berat2 masuk dalam beg then bawak around the house[room la room] , in hopes of bantutkan diri coz at that time, the guy yg aku ske pendek dari aku. Hahaa. Siap ukur lagi kat dnding. Ada lagi kesan comel kat dinding akan ketakutan aku terhadap ketinggian.

I really miss home. And rasa cam nak pegi us lak. Mcm rindu nak bau udara lain. Gay gile kan.

Tapi still, aihhhh....

R i n d u.

Curi dari mespes om. Aksi dari smosh "RRRMMMM!". On d way ke kedai gas, di ptg hari, jakun malaysian. T_T

so taiyerd

Friday, March 6, 2009

OK Which one? ni testing font je. is this the correct wording??

OHkayy brace yourself with another logo!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dear fellow readers, (plus Linda of course~!) do leave comments for this logo. What to change, whats good n bad etc etc. Change the colors so it'll look more pastely since its a cupcake logo so kene nampak sweet right?

Change the font also coz I think this one looks more strong and friednly compared to the old one.
Still keeping the purple coz its the client's fav colour but toned it down a bit.

Comments !

Not cut out to be a designer?

Yohanis la. I mean, I dont know which company graphic yang best/handal. All I know is Leo Burnett and yasmin Ahmad yang padhal sume org kot kenal dorang. haha!

And after Babu got in "Bernama" I was like "Whats that?" and he was like "Aiyooo femes kot kampeni tu. Ape punye designer la kauuu"

and I was like

dem yu babu aku termalu.

Aku dgn penuh tak kesah amek je ABV Graphics yang which aku tak tau menahu camane kedai tu but hopefully ok.aku cam malas nak amek kampeni besar2 coz aku tak rasa hidup ni perlu penat 100% dengan kerja. mcm tak berbaloi lak hidup kalau camtu. Duit masuk pun bukan sempat enjoy pun aih~ aku ni sgt pesimis la haha. gelak utk tanak nampak pesimis.

and aku akan smangat utk habis kan 1 bulan stgh kat situ dgn menjadi rajin tapi sorila..sampai skarang flash and aftereffct aku haram x taw lagi ,tak mcm faiz.wahaha jeles siyut tapi tu la aku, malas belajar inilah padahnya. Jadi aku maybe akan design a few stuff,brochures ke pamplet ke flyers utk kampeni ni. MOSHIMOSHI, harap2 tak melecehkan.
Tapi tu la.. I'd rather work from home after I finish this degree..be a lecturer dulu utk stabilkan hidup. Buat side income sana sini.. and bila dh stabil dok rumah diam diam melukih sana sini pastu anak2 terbiar. HA ha.
Takla kot.Maybe aku kene buildkan satu empayar yg boleh buat aku duduk rumah and tayah nak kuar, menerusi ape ?internet la! wahlawey dunia zman skarang.


Kepada pembaca-pembaca. I do customized thingies, header ke logo ke kasut ke beg ke ape ape yang melibatkan illustration(illustrasi), so you can contact me through email or blog or my hp number if you ask nicely then I'll sure to do it on the word go.

haha, sedih aku nih.

I want candy

Sekadar sajian mata.

Monday, March 2, 2009

oh dear. stop sounding like an old wise owl whistling its tune fo the deaf.

Hilang bf? Fail exam? Fon hilang?

In the course of a lifetime, what does it matter?

Dont you tell anyone on what life is about since what you go through are like zilch compared to orang lain, si manja