OHkayy brace yourself with another logo!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dear fellow readers, (plus Linda of course~!) do leave comments for this logo. What to change, whats good n bad etc etc. Change the colors so it'll look more pastely since its a cupcake logo so kene nampak sweet right?

Change the font also coz I think this one looks more strong and friednly compared to the old one.
Still keeping the purple coz its the client's fav colour but toned it down a bit.

Comments !


Anonymous said...

color = cun
aku rase, cube ko aleh glove tu.. kasi nampak cam heart shape sket.. alang2.. try tgk cane..

bgs gak ko letak gamba gloves, instead of letak oven kat situ..

super cool~

nutrition module said...

Mak rasa warna tu kinda dull-tidak menarik. Sooory!

Igniz said...

i agree with 'nutrition module'..yg lama mcm lagi gah skit..font yg baru ni agak kabur..takut nanti org ramai kene tenung lama2 baru leh nampak..font lama skali imbas da tau ape yg ditulih...showie....mesti penat kan?:(

Gooseberry//Yo said...

haha no its fine.kabur yea?will try to change the color. thanx guys

nutrition module said...

Mak suka yang merah. it is in your older post.