A song

Monday, August 31, 2009

Moving in slow like the smoke from your cigarette,
Every step a closer's a step that we both will regret,
Keeping a tally, but who can keep track?
Your overreacting is taking me back to a time better left alone,

Holding onto the phone,
Holding onto this glass,
Holding onto the memory of what didn't last.
Waiting for better words,
They'll never come.
So dry your eyes,
It's better,
Now it's done.

Keep a tight grip like a child holding onto a swing set,
Waiting and hoping to find what I can't figure out yet,
Please don't unless this is something to me,
Another nightmare instead of a dream,
Better left alone,

Holding onto the phone,
Holding onto this glass,
Holding onto the memory of what didn't last.
Waiting for better words,
They'll never come.
So dry your eyes,
Its better,
Now it's done.

And I never lost so much. - Straylight Run

If you're a man at all.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Just finished one whole piece of oreo cheesecake and rasa nak puke.

Right.Okay here goes.
Karma comes crushing its way towards me. Here and there, remember how you made fun of the sad girl back in 2006? "Jgn g bunuh diri lak.", so you said.
Now you came around with all those silly sweet words and did you, by any means, thought that the little girl would fall for such lame lines?
Ran, you were scared of such feelings.
You told me how comical I want my life to be but somehow I knew you wanted the same. Fed me with comical love stories and being the saviour, the armour for a long time.

I don't really believe in stereotyping a person but they say " eii orang putih tak mandi" everytime they see me, and truth be told, I hate bathing, specially in the morning so what about Cina? Cina suka tipu.
Should I stereotype you?


p.s: CUKUP CUN KE KAU SMPAI NAK KUTUK ORG TAK BESALAH HODOH?#!?%!@%? DEM YU!!karmakarmakarma!!![takde kaitan post atas bawah.]
Just because I tend to laugh at the meanest words doesnt mean aku ok! Means I got manners and u dont!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Aku cam suka gila tangkap2 gmbar utk projek foto haritu. Even kalau lecturer membenci aku ttp rasa puas mawhwaha walaupun ade byk benda menjengkelkan aku lepas aku post gambar2 tu kt fb tp manusia kalau dah mmg sedia bongkak mmg bongkak la kan?tak kuasa aku nak tunjuk tunjuk maki maki tp bodoh ttp bodoh. wargh. booo kpd jahat!

Kure cakap ni farm paling dasyat pernah die tengok kat fb. Motip?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

amek gmbar salma n anan, anta mail kt arol, blaja french.


Saturday, August 22, 2009

So I'm munchin on snacks. I never really like potato chips, or any other type of junk foods other than cookies coz I always feel all sweaty and messy after eatin them. Like my face gets a tad too oily than usual and I feel as though I need to wash it with cold water; too many work.
I feel so unproductive. Suck at French last week, and lecturers kept babbling about our work ethiques and the agencies we're gettin ourselves in. The time management and the suffering of being a graphic designer. The reason he got married late. Well thats a big fc surprise ain't it?
Don't want to get myself into trouble dissin the authority so I'll keep shut. I have all these hideous thoughts and monstrous ways of strangling em but I'm just another girl who doesn't talk back and bored and pissy at the moment.
Grab mum's black bag and stuff the new jeans in the closet. Not wearing it anytime soon. Something to perk me up at the end of this semester if everything gets mess up. Such a sadist pessimist I am.
Sometimes, it seems like tragedies are the one that keeps me going, being productive, ambitious and now like everything's safe, no evil bf, no stabbers, no dramas, it kinda slowed me down a bit. I feel so safe in my comfort zone, with comfort food and people. Not asking for tragedies to come knocking, just a silly thought, and I'm grateful for everything really.
But PMS alone is not that strong to push me.
They say most of the artists suffered from depression whatsoever ey? That's their main inspiration, that evil muse that slowly eats up their mind till their last breath but that's the price they have to pay to produced such great artworks. Random thoughts.


Friday, August 21, 2009

Tadi dalam kelas foto lecturer buat kejutan ckp dh seminggu ade assigment tunggu kiteorg kat "island" kat internet die paksa surf. aku cm aa pahal island?
Aku igt cam web die bwat utk plajar and aku cam bayangkan pulau sbg cam tmpat maklumat and kiteorg student2 mcm kapal2 yang nak singgah utk nak korek maklumat tu. Aku ingat die buat theme pulau untuk web dia.

So aku try connect through uitm then tiba-tiba aku nampak the word "i-learn".

"Now the rain is just washing you out of my hair

and out of my mind."

Kure bagi idea suruh google "Johan" and "Anis" to find the real meaning of my name. Good idea aku cam tak tepikir langsung dalam quest aku untuk cari meaning nama Yohanis ni oh drama gila mcm ramai gila lagi orang yang nama Yohanis yang tah2 tak kesah pun nama die meaning apa or better yet, dah tau meaning .

Apakah? Ok SO Johan= Winner, Anis= Yang mesra, kawan baik.

So jadi cam Yohanis= pemenang kawan baik terhebat. Kot.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tadi while watching Districct 9 I had a sudden urge to go home. Aku rasa ni yg dipanggil homesick coz at that moment aku rasa mcm nak jumpa semua org rumah. Sadly mum's at Terengganu . Semua jeans and other pretty online stuff takleh ganti rasa rindu aku rumah. Reminds me of the old book pasal arnab yang cakap dekat ibu die he's sick of being a bunny and he wants to runaway and be something else and ibu dia kata "larilah". And so die jadi kapal layar and mak die jadi awan utk guide his way home, and die jadi bukit only to find out that ibu die jadi pendaki bukit tu. Until one day he decides to go home knowing his mum akan sentiasa ada utk die nomatter when and where and how and buang masa je lari sana sini. Silly story but its one of my fav. Off to Bangi tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kdg2 aku pk aku buat blog ni utk org atau utk aku? Aku rasa most of the things in my blog are 98% fake and 2% well, the lame updates. I can't curse, can't rants and whatnots and its driving me crazy. I mean, somehow mmg bes knowing ade oraang ingin tau in your daily life but what if apa aku ckp sentapkan pihak yg bace2 itu? Thats y aku jaga sume. Mcm masuk rumah orang duduk diam. Tapi aku masih nak blog dibaca. Mcm pakai kasut baru tapi takut orang notice tapi harap org notice and pk wah cunnya and duduk diam, bukan kepoh satu kelas ckp "bau kedaiiiii" mcm jadi kat Wok tempoh hari.
Esok aku ade test French and tak bace pape lg. Abah mesti dissapointed kah baca oke ill try to do my best dadi-o. Tadi the kids in my class mcm terkesima and ejek aku duduk cam budak kecik ha kaki bentuk M sila cube buat. Aku igt sume org mampu but sume mcm wince bila aku buat and haritu makcik aku ckp "yo ko igt ko 2 thn ke dok camtu" cis sentap2.

Congratt ;)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Good mourning

Friday, August 14, 2009

Good mourning Mr. Sleepy
My name is Winter Cold
I’ll freeze the heart you’re loving
To wound your mortal soul
Believe my little friend
You’re blind and you don’t know
Illusions come to an end
And you are gone
Her love is like a candle
Weeping in the wind
Blow out its flame
It’s easy as committing sins
Farewell for ever
Thousands needles in my heart
Get me some poison
No more lies
Good mourning Mr. Sleepy
Stare at this stormy sunset
The veil of doubt comes creeping
Like a disgusting insect
Believe my little friend
Her heart is turned to stone
Dreams come to an end
She’s false to the bone.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Don't give me ideas.
Just don't try me.

Vote for me pwease ;)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lame attempt: George Stark/Thad Beaumont

From the thriller "The Dark Half"

Easy Tonight

Sunday, August 9, 2009

five for fighting - easy tonight

Friday, August 7, 2009

i dont think if aku dalam kesusahan, siapa2 pun akan lumba untuk tolong.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So class has started and can't say that I'm happy. Well, its okay considering there's no deadline and other painful mind blowing assignments for the time being.

Had a great time at Sunway Pyramid yesternite and totally forget pasal class malam. Had our supper at Popoye's, the shrimps and fish is okay, the mash potatoes adalah superbb! Although the meal is a bit on the tiny side but oh well. Worth a try.Thanks to Syidat for calling me at 8.45pm to remind me and rushed straight back to class. 1 hour lambat so yeah (-_-")

Kure bought a cap. Buang tabiat bila makin tua. And I bought jeanss for raya. Tapi tgh pakai sohoho.

Watched Coraline for the 3rd time time balik rumah haritu.
Missing Salma and Hanan bery bery nice. eh much. Want paying attention. Wasnt.

Reese's :a

Call me crazy but I'm looking forward to New Moon. The trailer is pretty lame but loving the new do's on err..that Red Indian guy. Sape tah nama dia? Jake? Nad, care to help? hehehe

Ok that's it. BYEBYE


Monday, August 3, 2009

It's like falling into a drunken restless sleep and waking up to a headache so bad you wish you were dead.