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Saturday, November 29, 2008

All around me, couples are falling in and out of love.
Few cheated, went behind their partner's back, dissed their partner and so on. Ada yg just want to go out with girls/guys here and there and kept the girl/guy who supposedly yg die nak kahwin, di tepi,mcm orang bodoh while dia mencari keseronokan. Kononnya open relationship. What a joke.

I'm such an old-fashioned girl. Just want to live a happily ever after life with my husband and kids. I get so scared sometimes. Always was the one who have faith in love but now, akulah orang yang paling takut. To believe is to fear. errr does that make sense to you?

We're good, we're good, kept saying, like a mantra, with hope of everything will fall into its place.
He told me its nonsense, the way my mind thinks. I hope so. He's always right.
Tuhan, permudahkan semua hal.

"Bisakah kau buat bintang-bintang itu berhenti bersinar? Mata ku sakit dibuat mereka."

"Aku bisa cuba."


for sending me home.
Terharu. *Love.

So tired. Just got back from Shah Alam, had fun seeeeing old friends, sleepovers, gossips and fun.
Aishah told me Salma tersilap cakap, called her "cek yo" instead of "cek sha".
wuwuw... cair sgt bile dengar.

Had fun also melepak dgn farok and tisu. Hehe, after 5 months, baru cuba utk berkawan.
Sucha dum dum this Yo.

Let's see..wat else is new ? Got a few customized thingies to setelkan.
and not to forget the design for daus.

move it yo.

Shoes- SIAP!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

HAHA. Finally, worked my a** off for abt a couple of hours, touched up here and there and this is the final result.

Had a good time makin it and I made my Afiq very d happy.
Sesiapa di luar sana, ada yang mahu order? I really need the money right now.
hehe. sian saye. MEH LA MEH LA.

Just for the record, I was crying like what listening to confession of a broken heart by lindsay and avril's slipped away.

dont answer that.Now I'm back to my good old Hole. AH~
Doodling away.Ko tipu,kata kita samasama nak habeskan lukisan malam ni NAMUN ko tido dengan jayanya kol 9 malam tadi hingga skarang. ahahhaktuih.

"kalau yo takde nanti takde kawan nak kutuk org.....kalau yo takde tak bleh nak bahan yo sampai muke merah.... trust me there's a reason for u to here with all of us ...." - My dearest cousin. awww.

Last but not least, sajian comel sebelum tidur. CANT WAIT TO HUG THIS MASCOT DIGI!

esok balik shah alam jumpa kawan kawan lama and not so lama. ;) goodnyte

It's all alright, it's alright

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I've got the strenght
to move

but why should I?

Takdamakanan. I hate to cook. DEM.
Maggie je ah.
Oh wait. There's still leftovers pegedil.

Aku rasa

Otak aku makin tumpul 99 pratus.
Ni bukan yang aku rasa aku nak blog tapi blog yang sebelumnya adalah sangat terpersonal jadi seperti biasa, saya mendeletenya.

Can't wait for the semester to start, I feel so unhealthy with this blog frenzy thang i'm having right now.

Even mimpi jadi kecamuk, lari sana sini, terkejut sana sini.

Sangat mudah terpengaruh.
Useless, kasut Afiq belum ku sentuh untuk dihabiskan.

Ayat menjadi sedikit dramatik kerana terpengaruh.
I should get a life, job, whatever, something to keep me occupied.
Aku akan memakai heels buat pertama kalinya untuk sijil diploma.
Kenapa Uitm begitu kejam?
Doakan aku tak jatuh semasa mengambil sijil, doakan.
Sudah bosan dengan perkara yang sama, benda baru, datanglah.

Nor dan rakan-rakan akan hadir pada hari anugerah nanti.
Tidak sabar.

Kenapa tak mampu tidur?
Sang bulan sudah lama suruh tutup lampu.

"Mimpi aku"

I will.



i've been tagged by miss seri

1. What is your name?

2. How old are you?
21 years old

3. What are the 3 electronics you can't live without?
mp3 ,haha

4. Are you amazing?

5. What is the brand of the phone you are using?

6. What color is your phone?
red and white.its like..2 1/2 years old already

7. Have you slept in school before?
everyday,sorry to say

8. How long are you online in a day?

9. How would you describe yourself?
laidback,emotional, passionate

10. What's your favourite topic to talk about?
love. oh oh oh.

11. Which teacher do you like?
eww,teacheers yang bg saya tido

12. Who do you think is the most handsomest in your class? one.<---- smkj3 hampeh kan seri hahaha

13. Who are you currently aiming on?
ishk..dah tua..tak layak

14. Do you know a lot of your siblings' secret?

15. How do you rate your siblings?
5/10.hahahah jokinggg cet wat pe nk gitaw. mak n kakak spy kat sini.

16. Are your siblings gorgeous?
ye la ye laaa amekkk

17. Do you judge people?

18. Do you run?
kalau ade org buat aku pisooof

19. Are you lazy to tag people?

20. Who was the last person you spoke on the phone?
kure?tak igt,afiq kot

21. What is 2 + 2?

22. Who is your idol?
cookie monster, the way he can stay happy eventho he's fat

23. Are you a monster?

24. Do you play with Barbie dolls?

25. What was the last movie you watched?

26. What do you think of your English?

27. What do you think about your Bahasa Malaysia?
dulu terer

28. Who do you hate?
zzz...just want to sleeeeeeeeep

29. Do you love yourself?
ye yeee let me gooo

30. Blurt out 5 random words
alo i am so sleepy

imm gonna taaaaaggggggggggg



customized shoe for my cuz

Monday, November 24, 2008

Here you go.baru siap sebelah..too tired to finish the other one. *yawn

off to bed. gnite~


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Boredom does have its own benefit.

I've managed to reorganised my deviantart and updated some really old & new work.
What made my day was getting favs a couple of times, after posting those works. Tee-hee!

Oh yeah.. this is the link. Http://

Curled edges

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Malas nak blog.
Enjoy the old pics.

Listening to: Pills- Perishers
Thinking: More to sighing. sigh sigh sigh.


Canon Powershot, 2005

How can you put your hopes into something so fragile and so, so young?

Naive synonyms

~Callow, Inexperienced

So don't question the hurt and the unanswered questions after you got your first heart broken because somehow, you're the one who put yourself in that situation, willing to take the risks and uncertainties at such a young age. Nak senangkan lagi, tgk terus meaning naive; inexperience?
So yea, in a way, bercinta at a very young age makes the person lebih experience, belajar untuk fikir lebih panjang . Maybe lepas cinta pertama, pikiran akan panjang lebih sbyk 20 saat, lepas cinta ke dua, 1 minit and lepas lepas tu, hopefully, mampu berfikir dgn sgt3 panjang .

Like, for a metaphor, cube tgk dkat gmbar atas tu, they carved ,no, bukan carved pun, they wrote their names using PEN. pen? tak ke tak permanent langsug tu and to a cement? rain would simply washed it away so yea, to me that is a very good metaphor, showing how temporary nye sume cintan cintun anak anak muda dan betapa bahayanya, betapa bahayanya rasa kehilangan at a very early age.

If i have my own children someday, I won't let any of em dating while belajar coz I dont want them to experience the worthless loss.
And to my family yang bace ni, jangan di hujah ke dunia nyata sebab tak penting.

This post is meant for the unmended heart, I've read your blog and I know exactly what you're going through but time heals everything, move on and be happy with what you have right now.


Listening to: Aloutte & Me- LTC
Eating: Hard boiled egg + soy sauce

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All things ordinary

Friday, November 21, 2008

"Was it the end - the end that kept you up till the morning?
Was it the boy - the boy who stole your heart?

The summer goes on and then dies quick without much warning. All things ordinary.
Will you stay near me now? Don't leave this town until we've figured out,
Between the two of us, we're strong enough - I feel that in your touch."

Graphite on paper, 2006

Tag by fafafa

I got tagged by FA

1. The age you'll be on your next birthday: tuhwenty-tu

2. Place you want to travel to: ummm.... colorado. i want to see the scenery

3. Your favorite place: my grandma's pantry X(

4. Your favorite food: anything goes. right now, im craving for my mum's nasi goreng

5. Your favorite pet: the one and only weezy

6. Favorite color combination: pink and green. dont ask me why

7. Favorite piece of clothing: baju tidoq

8. Your all time favorite song: bruised-jack's mannequin

9. Favorite TV show: Scrubs

10. First name of your significant other/crush: fikri

11. Which town do you live in: Bandar Baru Bangi

12. Your screen name/nickname: umm..idr

13. Your first job: promoter for teh misai kucing.kool en?

14. Your dream job: doodler.ade tak?

15. One bad habit that you have: gigit jarum

16. Worst fear: God and dying

17: Things you'd like to do before you die: Get married and have babies

18. The 1st thing you'll buy if you get $1,000,000: a pretty comel house by the river

19. Your husband/wife: my bf, if God's willing.

People I'm Tagging:

My besroomies

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Back in Perak, 2005

Smalam jumpa Sarah, my very own fashion designer. HEHE.
Had a very fun,yet short meeting.
Sempat cari-cari baju macam baru smalam je pulak jumpa padhal nak dekat satu sem. mmm sayang sarah, she's like my sister. She knows everything there is to know about me and still loves me all the same. 3 years of being my roomie in Perak, yg sebak ni ingat.
Sanggup teman kencing pukul 4 pagi, tgk langit sambil minum coke kaki atas meja, berfalsafah after every meal sampai tangan kering gile susah nak basuh , bincang soal dunia, breakups, lame guys, bitchy girls [padhal kiteorg lg bithcy haha], how she always teman me buat kerja till we see the sunlite and then ckp "jom makan nasilemak +ayam goreng + telor goreng" sampai loye gile since tak tido semalaman, i blamed her for my fatty days in college, haha, nyanyi2 lagu tegan and sara while bermain hujan sana sini, her weird exes, her tendency to campur sume bende in one meal [nasi lemak laksa and murtabak all mixed in], how she tobek my hair till i have no sideburns langsung, how she always puts me first and not her bfs,
how she's always there to lend me a shoulder to cry on, dari part 1, without failing, her and nor.
yohanis adalah insan yang sgt sgt susah untuk rapat dari hati ke hati dengan org.

And ni, antara 2 orang yang berjaya masuk dalam hati aku and aku sayang sgt2. sampai bila2 kot.

Listening to: Azure Ray- November
Mood: Nostalgic, missing em.
"And the words still ring, once here now gone
And they echo through my head everyday
And I dont think they'll ever go away
Just like thinking of your childhood home
But we cant go back
we're on our own"


Inspired by Emila Yusof.

Can't wait

Its gonna be a life-turning point for me.


Just so glad you walked through my door.

Listening to: In another life- Ashlee Simpson
What am I doing: Contemplating whether to finish vectorizing that scum or not.
Eating: Pumpkin Pie

New t's design

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Couldn't sleep so I scanned my old sketch I made using pen . A couple of years ago.
Turned it into a vectorized t-shirt. So what do you guys think? Anyone interested? Do leave comments on facebook/friendster or my blog coz i really needed one.

This is the original sketch for the vector. In case ada yang persoalkan kesahihan.

i accidently scratched my hip with my thumbnail

Hi! Had a great day for I managed to dragged my lazy ass to times square with my brother naik komuter yg oh-so-ramai-dgn-kanak2-cuti skolah.
Had fun seeing all those weirdos and for the 1st time ever,menjejakkan kaki ke pavillion.
gile kampung haha tu pun pergi utk makan je since im reali broke n the only thing i can afford is from ts.. oh well, mcm org tua tua kata "if u have a dime in your pocket ,get your shoe shine"

so i did get my shoe all shined up dgn membeli cardigan warna mustard yg to me adalah sgt kool for 10 bucksss hahaha...puas puas. im sucha cheapskate .
My bro bought the book "eat pray love" by..well i dont remember by whom but im really looking forward to reading it! my grandma recommended it to to us and slalunya org tua2 ni betul since dieorg makan garam lebih rite?

ni bukunye.

i always believe in bestseller's. haha.

oh oh and i managed to get a kinda kool white shoes utk conteng2...size 7.ill post the shoes later on if sempat kaler2 and conteng2..
i'm in sucha good mood sampai terbukak adobe illustrator,tot of doing something artsy for tonite.
:D:D:D that is so so me.

and here's a purdy nice song for those who are in love,seriously bes. jadikan la lagu ni sbg lagu cinta korang k/lagu wedding ke.awwww hohoho. or letak lagu ni bawah ticker r/ship korang ke? perghhh..yo,u're brilliant. ok ok here's the song.

Lyrics to Paperweight :
(feat. Joshua Radin)

Been up all night staring at you
wondering what's on your mind
i've been this way with so many before
but this feels like the first time
you want the sunrise to go back to bed
i want to make you laugh
mess up my bed with me
kick off the covers i'm waiting
every word you say i think
i should write down
don't want to forget come daylight
happy to lay here
just happy to be here
i'm happy to know you
play me a song
your newest one
please leave your taste on my tongue
paperweight on my back
cover me like a blanket
mess up my bed with me
kick off the covers i'm waiting
every word you say i think
i should write down
don't want to forget come daylight
and no need to worry
that's wastin time
and no need to wonder
what's been on my mind
it's you
it's you
it's you
every word you say i think
i should write down
don't want to forget come daylight
and i give up
i let you win
you win cause i'm not counting
you made it back
to sleep again
wonder what you're dreaming

:). missing the busybee.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Feel like making one. wait for the outcome


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Rasa macam lama gila tak lepak mamak.

Rasa sihat .

wait till i get back bye boring schtuff.huhuuuuuuuuuuuu.byeee sally ajak main

muke pissoff "dont mess with me"

nak amek ko gmbar sally lg baws

curik from fa

01] Real name: Yohanis

[02] Nickname: yo
[03] Status: taken

[04] Zodiac Sign: aries
[05] Gender: Female
[06] Age: 21
[07] High School: smkj3 the greatest skool ever
[08] College: perak n sa
[09] Height: tall enuff
[10] this question has been deleted by : really?
[11] Do you like yourself: depends on me mood
[12] Piercings: non
[13] Right or left hand: righty
[14] Are you a freak: you tell me
[15] Hair: Black
[16] Skin: suamsuam kuku bole?
[17] Allergic: to airheads

[18] What are you doing now: this thang, tgk salma tgk tv
[19] What will you doing 1 hour later: read "shes come undone"
[20] What will you doing 10 years later: makin money and makin babies
[21] Live with mother/father/parents/family: rite noww my sistah
[22] Siblings(included you):4 cluding moi
[23] Eldest: my sis

[24] Youngest: brother
[25] Love/hate your family: duhhh

[26] You found your another half: ya-huh
[27] If yes, who is he/she: fikekeri

[28] Who you want he/she to be: hentoh.camtu je kot
[29] Time(s) you in relationship: a whole lotta number i tell ya
[30] Ever woo boy/girl: like totally

[31] Anyone woo you before: ramai sgt2
[32] Did anything wrong to your other half:couple of times
[33] What was/were the wrong you had done: sikeret
[34] Ever argue with your other half: duh
[35] You with your other half since: long enuff
[36] Are you straight/Lesbo: a lil in btwn
[37] Reasons you love your other half: he's the male version of me

[38] You and your other half in which stage: idfk!
[39] You woo he/she or he/she woo you : heih sebok
[40] Ever think of marry he/she: duh.

[41] Your first best friend: ira maya :D i always called her "maya the bee"
[42] Your first enemy: hafiza/ejod hmp

[43] The friends you love the most: sarah,ila,kocha,zul,fatin,baws tah ramai je
[44] The enemy you hate the most(1 only): dont have time for that huhu
[45] Your most beautiful girl friend: theyre all r beautiful in their own way la
[46] Your most handsome boy friend: i cant have a handsome boy fren ..thats just..contagious.

[47] The kind of girl you hate the most: airheads
[48] The kind of boy you hate the most: showoffers..
[49] You fall in love with your close friend before: yes
[50] Your best friend is your ex-lover: exes blh blah.
[51] If your friend backstabbing you: sakit
[52] If your friend betray you: sakit
[53] If your friend woo your lover: sangat.sakit
[54] If your friends fall in love with you: let it be
[55] If you fall in love with your best friend: been there,done that

[56] Are you a good student: if i work hard
[57] You always done your homeworks/assignments: mmhm..

[58] The teacher/tutor you love the most: non
[59] Always late to school/college: sangat2.
[60] Your class: what about?
[61] You love your seniors: xxx
[62] Senior who you love the most: ucop.well,used to.haha

[63] Your classmates good/bad: sgt sgt rajin dammit
[64] Excellent result classmate: ramai sgt,excluding me
[65] Laziest classmate: the ones in the back;kocha n me

[66] Smart people: kausar,dad..tah too many
[67] Stupid people: ugh tanak pk.hilang slera makan.

[68] Good looking people: too many
[69] Ugly people: dunnow
[70] Funny people: the ones that i befriended with
[71] Cute people: the girl in antm 9

[72] Bad people: me
[73] Honest people: my guy friends
[74] Acting people:

[75] You are what kind of people: slowpoke in the mind

[76] Lip or eyes: malas
[77] Hugs or kisses: tanak pk
[78] Shorter or taller: taller
[79] Hesitant or spontaneous: Spontaneous and hesitant at the same time
[80] Nice stomach or nice arms: both

[81] Listener or talker: both
[82] Romantic or rich: the first one
[83] Good husband or Good Father: both le.

[84] Age to get marry: ill let you know when the time is right
[85] Numbers of kid(s): i dont plan
[86] Career: artist
[87] Salary: idk
[88] Retirement age: dunno
[89] Properties value:
[90] Wishes: for my long lost sneakers. someone stole it at my doorstep.

I'm losing my faith in humanity.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mac MacGuff: In my opinion, the best thing you can do is find a person who loves you for exactly what you are. Good mood, bad mood, ugly, pretty, handsome, what have you, the right person will still think the sun shines out your ass. That's the kind of person that's worth sticking with.

Juno MacGuff: I sort of already have.

My favorite kids in the whole wide world

Friday, November 14, 2008

Create a new,like,really new idea?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

shayte.Just finish blogging a really long post tibe2 hilang lak.dammit.oh well,basically i rambled abt art nouveau and how i prolly should refer it to most of my designs.sorry byk sgt grammatical error too tired to think but being the jakunis-blogger me,still managed to blog myself to sleep.zzzz..

ni wikianswer to art nouveau, in case some of u are inetersted and nk tau lebih lanjut if tak tau...tq wiki.

characterized by organic, especially floral and other plant-inspired motifs, as well as highly-stylized, flowing curvilinear forms.Art Nouveau is an approach to design according to which artists should work on everything from architecture to furniture, making art part of everyday life.
tapi me,mcm tak perlu kot utk architecture pun takpe.y not apply kat funner stuff sbg contoh kasut baju atau just painting itself?modernized kan konsep lama, but slalunye byk attract girls n guys yg berjiwa lembut. still,aku suka jugak.tak heran. anyway,its the most fun form of art and *yawwnnn* here r the samples for a.n.

enjoy.kalau rajin, ill try to apply and practise menatang2 ni.

p/s: and thankyou izzati nordin, for your honest comments and tbrilliant suggestion.

Customized thingies

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This are a bunch of stuff I did for my
customers.GAHHHHH,sorry for the horrible layout!!


It was another time, I guess you were a friend of mine.

It was another time and not much to recall.

My to-do list

Since i'm on a holiday, i should lists down things to do..mcm byk sgt je. Just bought a ticket to Terengganu this morning, at 9am tomorrow mowning, meaning i have a few hours or so to pack my clothes but knowing me,it'll probably take me about 5 minutes as im going to stuff all of em in my bag without lipat-ing langsung.

Ok so here it goes

1)Blajar flash.waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Xo
2)Bond ngan SALMAAAAAAAAAAA that rascal.huhu
3)shopping in december coz duit masuk :P nyummy
4)kemas bilik?? nawww
5) Learn how to bake pumpkin pie and french donuts from my dad. mmmmmmmmm
6)lepak2 with old and long lost friends.. fatin..feroz..ila..sarahhh,zul.cant hardly wait youulz.
7)the customized thingies for my cuzzie!dammit lupa
8) kad for baws.warghh deadline before this 18th. apekahhh...

thats about it i guess. till then~


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I like to draw girls..sad girls mostly.."mata redup" as one of my friend would say. I remember once , I was sketching away on Salma's lil tiny whiteboard and out of nowhere she came up to me and asked "nape cek yo sad?" referring to the drawing.awww.

ain't that cute? I guess its true that some people said that ape yg kita lukis, is pretty much diri it true?well u be the judge. tp all my drawings r really skinny which is so not me so i guess tak la kot??well these are a few of my drawings, digital and non-digital, and they all looked pretty much the same.and i'm gonna post these pics accordingly..dari time aku teenager till now. nak tgk ade perubahan tk?makin wanita tak lukisan2 ni?

Back in 2004, pen and then software
paint. ew. :). very d emo one.

Around 2004 also, form 4.

2005, inspired by Elvis's ex-wife.dont ask me why.

Back then, I really was afraid of Photoshop. to tell you the truth, deviantart was the website that inspired me to draw all of these.back then, my imagination was pretty limited.rasa sume sbb blaja art kat skolah kot.tak pnah nak encourage students utk jd bebas.I'm not blaming the teachers, but the syllabus ke camane tah nak spell yang dah bezaman tak tukar2. well,to make things short, deviantart kinda change my life.thats when I decide utk pilih graphic,art stream rather than all those brainy stuff.eventho i kinda did well for my times i do feel regret about this specially when datelines sana sini and stressed, tak organised and stuff tp somehow, i cant imagine being anything else but an artist.jijik hoh tapi mcm btul.tah camane lagi nak explain.imagine me ,stuck in a lab with a white coat n chemical stuff, and i'm the girl who thot that by picit2 air sampai terpercik air sana sini maknanya molekul la yg kecik2 tu.fhm tak?tak kan.seb baik amik graphic.phew.

Well, below here are few of my artworks after dh besar panjang ni.

So..can u spot the diff?


k SOO.. this is 500th attempt of blogging and hopefully, this time, this blog is here to stay.
Currently on a holiday, came home yesterday with 3 bags of clothes and other stuff.
I'll be posting loads of designs i've created during my diploma and degree year , including some really really old artworks. So forgive me if i bore you to death.kalau tak mau bace jgn klik.hehe..