My to-do list

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Since i'm on a holiday, i should lists down things to do..mcm byk sgt je. Just bought a ticket to Terengganu this morning, at 9am tomorrow mowning, meaning i have a few hours or so to pack my clothes but knowing me,it'll probably take me about 5 minutes as im going to stuff all of em in my bag without lipat-ing langsung.

Ok so here it goes

1)Blajar flash.waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Xo
2)Bond ngan SALMAAAAAAAAAAA that rascal.huhu
3)shopping in december coz duit masuk :P nyummy
4)kemas bilik?? nawww
5) Learn how to bake pumpkin pie and french donuts from my dad. mmmmmmmmm
6)lepak2 with old and long lost friends.. fatin..feroz..ila..sarahhh,zul.cant hardly wait youulz.
7)the customized thingies for my cuzzie!dammit lupa
8) kad for baws.warghh deadline before this 18th. apekahhh...

thats about it i guess. till then~


FaFaFa said...

i need to blajar FLASH thing too!! :'(

terengganu? wah. wanna ikot!

alahai, cute blog. loike the kaler

Gooseberry//Yo said...

hehehe. flash sux big time lar....adoi