Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I like to draw girls..sad girls mostly.."mata redup" as one of my friend would say. I remember once , I was sketching away on Salma's lil tiny whiteboard and out of nowhere she came up to me and asked "nape cek yo sad?" referring to the drawing.awww.

ain't that cute? I guess its true that some people said that ape yg kita lukis, is pretty much diri it true?well u be the judge. tp all my drawings r really skinny which is so not me so i guess tak la kot??well these are a few of my drawings, digital and non-digital, and they all looked pretty much the same.and i'm gonna post these pics accordingly..dari time aku teenager till now. nak tgk ade perubahan tk?makin wanita tak lukisan2 ni?

Back in 2004, pen and then software
paint. ew. :). very d emo one.

Around 2004 also, form 4.

2005, inspired by Elvis's ex-wife.dont ask me why.

Back then, I really was afraid of Photoshop. to tell you the truth, deviantart was the website that inspired me to draw all of these.back then, my imagination was pretty limited.rasa sume sbb blaja art kat skolah kot.tak pnah nak encourage students utk jd bebas.I'm not blaming the teachers, but the syllabus ke camane tah nak spell yang dah bezaman tak tukar2. well,to make things short, deviantart kinda change my life.thats when I decide utk pilih graphic,art stream rather than all those brainy stuff.eventho i kinda did well for my times i do feel regret about this specially when datelines sana sini and stressed, tak organised and stuff tp somehow, i cant imagine being anything else but an artist.jijik hoh tapi mcm btul.tah camane lagi nak explain.imagine me ,stuck in a lab with a white coat n chemical stuff, and i'm the girl who thot that by picit2 air sampai terpercik air sana sini maknanya molekul la yg kecik2 tu.fhm tak?tak kan.seb baik amik graphic.phew.

Well, below here are few of my artworks after dh besar panjang ni.

So..can u spot the diff?


FaFaFa said...

ada differences dia. :) dah mature la katakan... hehek ;)

why no bois? hehe

Gooseberry//Yo said...

haha..good q..saya lukis laki sme jadi mcm gay/bapuk k..haha..lagi2 tang2 bahu tu..aiyoo..can i see ur drawings?post la!fine art kn dulu?mesti gmpak :D

FaFaFa said...

artworks. maybe if i post it. my readers will be dead.
"apa? ni lagi?" - situation.

hah :p!
gempak ke...
ok ok kite lihat. blettblett

Gooseberry//Yo said...

weee~ :D