Shoes- SIAP!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

HAHA. Finally, worked my a** off for abt a couple of hours, touched up here and there and this is the final result.

Had a good time makin it and I made my Afiq very d happy.
Sesiapa di luar sana, ada yang mahu order? I really need the money right now.
hehe. sian saye. MEH LA MEH LA.

Just for the record, I was crying like what listening to confession of a broken heart by lindsay and avril's slipped away.

dont answer that.Now I'm back to my good old Hole. AH~
Doodling away.Ko tipu,kata kita samasama nak habeskan lukisan malam ni NAMUN ko tido dengan jayanya kol 9 malam tadi hingga skarang. ahahhaktuih.

"kalau yo takde nanti takde kawan nak kutuk org.....kalau yo takde tak bleh nak bahan yo sampai muke merah.... trust me there's a reason for u to here with all of us ...." - My dearest cousin. awww.

Last but not least, sajian comel sebelum tidur. CANT WAIT TO HUG THIS MASCOT DIGI!

esok balik shah alam jumpa kawan kawan lama and not so lama. ;) goodnyte


FaFaFa said...

c u in shah alam babe =)

we should dinner ramai2 haha

MIHLYLE said...

WEll who blame ya for crying listnin to slipped away and confession of a broken heart...
btw thanks alaot... and ade my friend yg intrested nak wat kasut gak

Gooseberry//Yo said...

dinner? that'd be cool fa..

just got bck from sa.


and afiq,sorry for the takde tanda tangan dlm oim..patutnya tenyeh je t.tangan tipu. :(