The Magician & I

Saturday, November 29, 2008

All around me, couples are falling in and out of love.
Few cheated, went behind their partner's back, dissed their partner and so on. Ada yg just want to go out with girls/guys here and there and kept the girl/guy who supposedly yg die nak kahwin, di tepi,mcm orang bodoh while dia mencari keseronokan. Kononnya open relationship. What a joke.

I'm such an old-fashioned girl. Just want to live a happily ever after life with my husband and kids. I get so scared sometimes. Always was the one who have faith in love but now, akulah orang yang paling takut. To believe is to fear. errr does that make sense to you?

We're good, we're good, kept saying, like a mantra, with hope of everything will fall into its place.
He told me its nonsense, the way my mind thinks. I hope so. He's always right.
Tuhan, permudahkan semua hal.

"Bisakah kau buat bintang-bintang itu berhenti bersinar? Mata ku sakit dibuat mereka."

"Aku bisa cuba."