Saturday, November 22, 2008

Canon Powershot, 2005

How can you put your hopes into something so fragile and so, so young?

Naive synonyms

~Callow, Inexperienced

So don't question the hurt and the unanswered questions after you got your first heart broken because somehow, you're the one who put yourself in that situation, willing to take the risks and uncertainties at such a young age. Nak senangkan lagi, tgk terus meaning naive; inexperience?
So yea, in a way, bercinta at a very young age makes the person lebih experience, belajar untuk fikir lebih panjang . Maybe lepas cinta pertama, pikiran akan panjang lebih sbyk 20 saat, lepas cinta ke dua, 1 minit and lepas lepas tu, hopefully, mampu berfikir dgn sgt3 panjang .

Like, for a metaphor, cube tgk dkat gmbar atas tu, they carved ,no, bukan carved pun, they wrote their names using PEN. pen? tak ke tak permanent langsug tu and to a cement? rain would simply washed it away so yea, to me that is a very good metaphor, showing how temporary nye sume cintan cintun anak anak muda dan betapa bahayanya, betapa bahayanya rasa kehilangan at a very early age.

If i have my own children someday, I won't let any of em dating while belajar coz I dont want them to experience the worthless loss.
And to my family yang bace ni, jangan di hujah ke dunia nyata sebab tak penting.

This post is meant for the unmended heart, I've read your blog and I know exactly what you're going through but time heals everything, move on and be happy with what you have right now.


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