Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So class has started and can't say that I'm happy. Well, its okay considering there's no deadline and other painful mind blowing assignments for the time being.

Had a great time at Sunway Pyramid yesternite and totally forget pasal class malam. Had our supper at Popoye's, the shrimps and fish is okay, the mash potatoes adalah superbb! Although the meal is a bit on the tiny side but oh well. Worth a try.Thanks to Syidat for calling me at 8.45pm to remind me and rushed straight back to class. 1 hour lambat so yeah (-_-")

Kure bought a cap. Buang tabiat bila makin tua. And I bought jeanss for raya. Tapi tgh pakai sohoho.

Watched Coraline for the 3rd time time balik rumah haritu.
Missing Salma and Hanan bery bery nice. eh much. Want paying attention. Wasnt.

Reese's :a

Call me crazy but I'm looking forward to New Moon. The trailer is pretty lame but loving the new do's on err..that Red Indian guy. Sape tah nama dia? Jake? Nad, care to help? hehehe

Ok that's it. BYEBYE


Nazima said...

coraline sgt bestttttttttt. . .

rougeberrynudd said...

yo,its jacob black laa...hahaha,kalau u called it crazy sbb looking forward nk tgk new moon,i lagiiiiiii laaaa....hahaha,btw,im still in lurveee with edward cullen,cannot go man..hahahahah