If you're a man at all.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Just finished one whole piece of oreo cheesecake and rasa nak puke.

Right.Okay here goes.
Karma comes crushing its way towards me. Here and there, remember how you made fun of the sad girl back in 2006? "Jgn g bunuh diri lak.", so you said.
Now you came around with all those silly sweet words and did you, by any means, thought that the little girl would fall for such lame lines?
Ran, you were scared of such feelings.
You told me how comical I want my life to be but somehow I knew you wanted the same. Fed me with comical love stories and being the saviour, the armour for a long time.

I don't really believe in stereotyping a person but they say " eii orang putih tak mandi" everytime they see me, and truth be told, I hate bathing, specially in the morning so what about Cina? Cina suka tipu.
Should I stereotype you?


p.s: CUKUP CUN KE KAU SMPAI NAK KUTUK ORG TAK BESALAH HODOH?#!?%!@%? DEM YU!!karmakarmakarma!!![takde kaitan post atas bawah.]
Just because I tend to laugh at the meanest words doesnt mean aku ok! Means I got manners and u dont!


alkapon said...

samseng la penulis ni.

shidat said...

tomok tak mandi pon

suria said...


Gooseberry//Yo said...

alkapon: aku dh betukar
cdat: dh mandi dh wangi gle\
su: i have the roite

suria said...

nasib muka tak macam pegedil