Saturday, August 22, 2009

So I'm munchin on snacks. I never really like potato chips, or any other type of junk foods other than cookies coz I always feel all sweaty and messy after eatin them. Like my face gets a tad too oily than usual and I feel as though I need to wash it with cold water; too many work.
I feel so unproductive. Suck at French last week, and lecturers kept babbling about our work ethiques and the agencies we're gettin ourselves in. The time management and the suffering of being a graphic designer. The reason he got married late. Well thats a big fc surprise ain't it?
Don't want to get myself into trouble dissin the authority so I'll keep shut. I have all these hideous thoughts and monstrous ways of strangling em but I'm just another girl who doesn't talk back and bored and pissy at the moment.
Grab mum's black bag and stuff the new jeans in the closet. Not wearing it anytime soon. Something to perk me up at the end of this semester if everything gets mess up. Such a sadist pessimist I am.
Sometimes, it seems like tragedies are the one that keeps me going, being productive, ambitious and now like everything's safe, no evil bf, no stabbers, no dramas, it kinda slowed me down a bit. I feel so safe in my comfort zone, with comfort food and people. Not asking for tragedies to come knocking, just a silly thought, and I'm grateful for everything really.
But PMS alone is not that strong to push me.
They say most of the artists suffered from depression whatsoever ey? That's their main inspiration, that evil muse that slowly eats up their mind till their last breath but that's the price they have to pay to produced such great artworks. Random thoughts.