Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mtv me dah setel. Now I have 3 proposal thesis to sort thru, and Miss Nur's Project Managemnt which due lg 1 more week!!!!!!!!!!
Chill yo chill.
Watched Talentime and wasnt that great. Goes to show that Yasmin Ahmad takkan boleh keluar dr kepompong dia so ,not a waste sgt la got some good moral values in it but the lead actress's charisma is as low as an ant's bottom, sgt tak reti berlakon and i'm not a big fan of Amani, but Amani definitely delivers a better performance than the girl.

Lets see.. what else? mmmoh. Currently thinking over andd over pasal marriage. No wait dont get panic it's just, yesterday I talked to a guy friend of mind and he quoted "Bukan lelaki kalau tak rasa nak kahwin lebih dari 1" and if you browsed around dkat blog, ramai dah cakap pasal ni. He said God has made the males mcm ni. I was like, but how can you promised your wife before marriage that she'll be your one and only when in mind, you put the polygami thingy as an option. Sure I know it;s like sunat ke apa if you mampu but how can you do that to your wife?
This is a very sensitive issue but I'd really like to know, semua lelaki ke macam ni or is it the majority? Already asked kure and he assured me that bukan semua mcm tu and he's prolly right coz our parents r the living proof but ok, this is the modern days we're talking about.


Oh well, let's just hope for the best shall we and live with ignorance and hopefully everything will turned out lovelay in the end. :)


FaFaFa said...

=3 huhuhk~


good luck for finals! uwaa. nak muntah hadap work

Paiz said...

just trust in fick zzzz

Gooseberry//Yo said...

fa: thanx! gud luck to u too yah!

paiz: will do faizzzz

ayla said...

i'm bored to death.

at first sgt nak give up with pembelajaran (betul word ni yo?)
but malu nak minta bapaku rm600k. erk..
and bapaku mesti stress dgn anak dia yg kedua (setelah permohonan hendak ke india walaupun guna uwang sendiri tapi kerisauan sbg seorg bapa sgt kuat. amat faham tapi masih hendak pergi =p)

yo kerja keras then lend me rm600k leh? hehehe.
(oh ok, mlayu jgn malas n putus asa~)

sorry yo, ayla jarang read your blog since ayla sgt stress dgn work.

miss u n tk cr. regards to ur kure & embun my late tortoise.

Igniz said...

rasanye kawin sorg or byk, tu terpulang pada individu lelaki itu sendiri....xleh gak nak kata suma lelaki nak kawin lebih dr satu..heehee..modern days ni, lagi byk org kawin cerai berbanding kawin byk rasanye...hakhakhak.

Gooseberry//Yo said...

ayla: ala sian..rm600?got d money.tp unc johan mesti tak kasi gak kan?alang2 ayla gi yo nak g gak.hehee
i miss u.yo pun cm sgt bz lagi2 nak final ape sume ni.see u in may

igniz,u have a point there.lega lak rasa.haha