A happy update

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Coming down with a sorethroat, hopefully tak lead to demam ke apa.
Went to SACC (?) with the usual person hehe and had lunch at Nachos Nachos whichh is a nice getaway and had tons of jalapeno. man..i love jalapeno so much rasa mcm nak jerukkan sendiri je.

Had a great time membahan all those corny packaging dekat Giant like mister Maruku and Mister ape tah lagi, sume tiru mister potato.
And that guy with the wise head, and the little girl kt tepi. I'm blogging this out so I can remember the happier times. We each reached a truce on RMD and MTVME so I'M gooood. we're good.



FaFaFa said...

conclusion: eveything is goooooood :3

Gooseberry//Yo said...