Friday, July 31, 2009

Sometimes aku rasa makin byk wujud all sorts of communications ,makin lagi hard
communicating with everyone, face to face. What I mean is, makin susah nak percaya.
Doubts and all akan di cari matikmatian dalam alam maya. If satu pihak kata dia tak buat,
does the other pihak take his words?
Doubt it. Mesti cari habisan dekat sini kan.
I hate facebook and all. Well, despise and loving it all at the same time.
Kadang-kadang rasa nak go back 10 years earlier where you can have real phone
conversations and real chitchats, w/o cakap psl "eh kau tgk tak fb/blog/whatsoever mamat tu?".
Sigh. I'm one of em too. Sometimes aku rasa relief he's not the interneet geek as I am.
Coz 1 is enough. And I cant wait to mellow down. I'm mellowing a little though after the holiday.
Feels..healthier this way.