Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kure left to perform Fridays prayer so I'm here blogging hurriedly as I don't feel comfortable blogging when he's around -_-" Rasa malu

So yeah, gone through the whole week dengan classes yang mundane and lame assignments for the whole semester. 'No more designing whatsoever, lets blabbed about research, reports and other boring stuff!
Gonna check myself out this evening and be bck on Monday so byebye Shah Alamians I do'n't really feel like talking much about the projects but I'm aiming for alam sekitar those type of stuff. What to do eh to change and bg kesedaran to people pasal alam sekitar yang makin jahanam?
Create a moreee fun looking recycle box for em to dump their stuff in??

Oh yeah submitted 2 of my artworks for "Rumpun", event held by A&D. Let's just see how things goes. Nothing new, just the same painting you saw on the fb and deviantart.
Thankx to Salleh for taking your time to print and laminate and cut and paste mmm :') So happy.