The light in my red mood

Monday, November 23, 2009

So just got back from Terengganu yesterday, 7 hours of sitting  in a crumpy smelly bus [ the seat is pretty darn wide nevertheless] and missing the two nieces. I miss Hanan's habit of repeating everything we say and her trauma with insects. and I miss Salma's silly princess dances and us, baking cookies in the kitchen while the kids tried to helped sampai Hanan bukak baju semangat gile and the coldness inside the house due to the heavyrainfall...

Followed by a trip to Shah Alam today  to catch the senior's final degree show. Wasn't too bad. Err not going to say much about that as I fear some of 'em do read my blog, who knows right? And took long walks at Tasik Shah Alam, just  like the old days and I'm happy, happier.. Much better than going to the movies or any other shopping trips to Sunway or Bukit Raja, no?. I'm not that material of a girl I guess haha so are u glad now hm hm hm.

Got offered for several jobs from my old boss time practical.Excited! Oh well let's see how things goes.For all I know esok cansel. :p Gonna finish a bag for my dear cuzzie! Daa.

Current playlist:

Jack's Mannequin- Miss California
Sheila Nicholls - Bread & Water


Anonymous said...

Sheila Nicholls finally has a new cd: see

Gooseberry//Yo said...

hehe ok, thanks anon :)