Women and their instincts

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's like living in the routines yang somehow buat ko rasa jaded dengan perkara perkara remeh tapi still ko buat jugak.
"You see, the thing with men is that ever after has everything to do with timing. And very little to do with who you are. He can love you, yes. But if the time is not right, he won't marry you or put aside his personal plans to be with you without you having to ask. Even then, he still won't.

But once he's married, he will. Because that's what married men do for their wives.

So men, understand this. Women always know if you fall in love with someone else. And often times, they know even before you do. It's in the tone of your voice and the things you don't say.

And women, know that your instincts are always right. In a cruel twist of nature, the reason you possess that clarity is because you love him down to your bones. And it will break your heart. It will seize you with fear before you understand why you are frightened." - thedatindiaries.blogspot.com
Indah kan?