Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My resolution is , y the sudden explosion psl resolution?Its not even new year tapi yea, is to not read so many blogs, lagi2 dari orang yg tak dikenali. Somehow dah mcm terinfluenced dah and kadang2 bukan ke arah yang baik. Well, most of the time.

Thats me. Mudah gila terpengaruh. Cuba datang sini and bagi tau all the lies and such, I will surely believe you.
Bagi la magazines such as Cleo ke, any woman's/girls magazines yang bg articles pasal how to know when your partner is cheating, when are you this, how are you that, and aku akan jadi serabut macam kapal pecah dalam masa beberapa lama and akan torture the boy at wit's end.

So I stopped readin/buying those magazines altogether since a few years ago. Seriously. Bukan best pun.

Now to stop stalking blogs, aish...