Ponder upon.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mr. Leezak: Gonna tell me what your chewin' on?

Tom: I just don't know if love is enough anymore.

Mr. Leezak: What do you mean, "enough"?

Tom: I mean... Even if Sarah and I do love each other... maybe we did need more time to get to know each other.

Mr. Leezak: So...
[clears throat]

Mr. Leezak: what your saying here is... you had a couple of bad days in Europe and... it's over. Time to grow up, Tommy.
Tom: Hmm?

Mr. Leezak: Some days your mother and me loved each other. Other days we had to work at it. You never see the hard days in a photo album... but those are the ones that get you from one happy snapshot to the next. I'm sorry your honeymoon stunk but that's what you got dealt. Now you gotta work through it. Sarah doesn't need a guy with a fat wallet to make her happy. I saw how you love this girl. How you two lit each other up. She doesn't need anymore security than that.

Tom: Thanks, dad.


DyanaYunus said...

ambil dari mana?
nasihat yang baik

Igniz said...

mesej yg bagus utk direnungkan...

Gooseberry//Yo said...

hehe bes kan yana? took it from Just Married. Scene akhir tu.

igniz: yea, very true. jom kite same2 renungkan

Anonymous said...

women, are like waves. looks calm.. but wait till the wave hits the shore~ =P

shierasharif said...

cool. thts wht it takes in love.