Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just spent the whole night making a storyboard proposal for TNB , 2 storyboards to be exact with Shidi and Kure. Did sneak out to get some sleep but only as long as 1 hour then tepaksa dikejutkan dem dem. Tired gile oke dud.
Then, finally sempat siap nice2 pukul 10 so went to the faculty to propose the idea to the lecturers.eeeii harap2 diterima .Do pray for us ya.

Mtvme plus tvc tak bwat satu pun lg.. No idea la how to use the toonboom. Can anyone help me?
So difikullt.

I'll be going to Penang with the whole batch this coming Friday so baju2 dah siap hantar dobi got no time to wash. Bes gile dia dh siap lipat n nice mcm dapat hadiah pulak!

Poor Salma she's at Bangi House now and got no one to play with her. Esok I got class at 10 and kalau sempat rasa nak balik kejap je nak men2 with salma and hanan. Grrr...Rindu sgt la.
Esok Mizan cam takde kelassssssssss je so yeahh,maybe I'm going to Bangi kot.

alritey, nak mandi!Malam ni, STUDY PAINTING!


faz said...

olololololo..sian yooo...
hmmmmmmmm,x aci!!
sempat balik bangi..
jelessssssss nih!!

FaFaFa said...

balik je, takyah g kelas mizan. ngahaha XD

Gooseberry//Yo said...

yna: 1 jam stgh je tauu yna.haha

fa: mmg!buang mase weh