Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Currently wearing my laser rings, blue and red and feeling all giddy.
Been awhile since i last updated my blog, no new artworks aor whatsoever got no time fo that.
Doing some research pasal IKS and dont have a clue on what company to redesign. Ade sape2 yang under IKS tak?
Been doing a lot of youtube-ing tadi, tgk2 how to cook nasi goreng, how to clean fish and chicken and blabla bla..
tapi tak jumpa la camane nak siang ayam.yes i know imma dum dum.
I know Im sposed to know all these things lagi lagi bile umur dah 222222222222222.
well lived and learn kan?
ade sesape nak buat vid on how to siang ayam tak?lemme knowww
lepas ni nak cari video buat sambal tumis telur pulak.


Zamaliah Mohd Marjan said...

whoa! nak masak untuk mak ke

Gooseberry//Yo said...

haaa tu yg mak tak tau..haha..umm mak..letak2 la resipi dekat blog mak yg dh tak aktif tuuu