Oh young sailor.

Friday, December 4, 2009

oh sweet anna did you mean to do this to me
ive been trying hard to be rational

what a woman, what a woe that you give to me
how long can i count to a thousand

i tried drinking but the bottle is still empty
i can only hope for a fresh one

you tried loving but i guess you could not love me
how long can you count to a thousand

i could be the bigger man, bigger man.
yeah i could be the bigger man, bigger man.
but i just want to kill a man kill a man
really what's a bigger man?

oh young sailor do see you what your captain sees?
love is nothing more than an action

what an ocean, what a world, on the big blue seas
you can change it all if you want to

my good leader what a self loving web you weave
i have got a son and a daughter

my young sailor what a point that you just can't see
don't you think that they need a father

so pull yourself together man, smaller man
and do it for a bigger man, bigger man
how easy it would be if we could know the plan
but really whats a plan?

This song really is about a young sailor who leaves his wife and his children to go to the sea. And while dia dekat sana, his wife cheated on him because of his absence so the song is basically referring to the dialogues between him and the captain. So the captain said "Love is nothing more than an action", meaning that to love, the man should've stayed and took care of the family instead of going to the sea and because of that, he told the sailor to think things thoroughly as the kids need a father figure and he's nowhere to be seen and its only fair for the wife to stay with the other guy, and not him.