Oh oh

Thursday, December 24, 2009

So got home with a book in hand, the sweet burning taste of soury soup on tongue, the lingering strange feelings I've yet to unfold. Unfolding, fold it back, unfolded it again, fold it back into tiny little square shaped heart. A squared shaped heart.

The sky lit up with a mixture of orange pink...green.. Colour it beautiful please..The pinkblue sky said.
That's what I've been looking for all this while the crescent sun said.

So I strolled down and bought 2 balloons so I could match it up, see the colour saturated and burn along with the strange coloured sky and so I let it go just to watch it burn burn and fade.Like those sappy songs we used to play, lying next to your 10 year old radio,head on pillow, half smiled summer dreamin' your day away.