Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I've been towing the line every now every then and I had this huge craving on good food nowadays and I've been reading a whole lot and currently looking for a new bag to replace my old one coz the strap snapped off a few days ago and my mind's been here and there, thinking weird thoughts but really its nothing new.Friends and strangers keep asking girl you're ok and I was thinking wow did I sound that suicidal on FB trust me I'm good I've never been better :D so here's a happy smile for ya. Cooped up in my room for too long I think it's high time to meet the gfs, new bags and whatnots. Been kissing the nieces for 2 days straight and my lips are bright red and heart's all wrapped, safe and sound. I'm good where I am eventhough there's gonna be a time where I have to make choices on my own and gonna lead me to a whole diff world I think it's for the best, yes it's for the best.