Monday, October 12, 2009

So here I am in this room rambling on about life love and death and the things that make me go crazy and in this life, I ve chosen this path that lead me to where? I dono really but i hope its a good path a really good path. And aku bg hati aku kat kau and kau only, [meaning lelali bukan muhrim and manusia] and I am vulnerable as hell just dont let me down. I am so scared right now. but kau buatkan aku milo in the morning and kau boleh gelak pk "well this is yo. i love her walaupun die byk buat pe'el" and aku rasa this is the right path a really good path.
I'm not turning back. The past is the past and I'm saying goodbye to everything that was once very familiar to me.
The used to be home.