Just a confession

Friday, October 23, 2009

I feel like I'm getting older by the minute and everything and everyone is passing by so fast, in a pace I can't compete.
Sometimes it scares me a bit, thinking years from now, makin ramai orang aku sayang hilang.
I remember haritu, tgk bulan dengan Kure in front of his house lepas kuar dari kreta and we just stood in silence, y'know, playing with the thought of growing up and the pain yang akan datang along the way.
He told me he was thinking the same thing also after I shed a few gay tears during the whole moon thing.
So we made promises..maybe just to.. calm our thoughts and hearts. Promises to be there during the whole process of growing up and so on.

What a depressing post. Maybe watching Faiz's latest vid kot that got me thinking.
Aku ingat dulu time kecik, abah kalau kejut in the morning to go to school which was like pukul 7.10, would carry me to the bathroom since I was such a sleepy head, everyday, without failed and after that lepas besar sikit, he would get into the room and tickled our feet and whispered "Waaakeee uppp", and years after that, lepas dah high school, he would opened the door a bit and whispered to the tiny space between the door and wall the same word again, every single morning..

Now I'm all grown up and kena guna alarm fon utk bangun. only if I'm in Shah Alam la.

Love you dear parents. Thanks for raising me to be the person that I am today these past 22 years. I know I am/ was not an easy child for you guys to deal with, but you managed to somehow. Kalau yo ada anak, hopefully she/he'll be a better person than me.


Ayla said...

Ayla pun . . . sob sob. . sedar sedar dah ada husband . . .

Gooseberry//Yo said...

heheheh..u grew too fast