Monday, October 19, 2009

Its not like I'm selling my stuff dgn harga yg overprice, just that its a handpainted item, and thats the best I could give you. Usually it took me several hours, sometimes days to get it done so yeah, basically its a perhour thingy. and sometimes I dont even get the benefits.

Oh well, spent the night away with Sarah, yes my sister in Perak, and had a real good time, mcm tak pernah apart these 1 and a half year. Kure cakap mcm jumpa kembar Yo. Yeah we're that close.
So before tido and bangun tido we psycho each other about our bfs, life and everything else smpai die msg2 bf die and tergado awww just like the old days all thanks to me :')

Alrite thats all. Do pray for her untuk dpt interview jadi cikgu seni. ahaha Mesti anak korang jadi kelaka and careless cam dia if dia ajar mereka.