Straylight run

Saturday, June 6, 2009

It takes more time than I've ever had,
Drains the life from me,
Makes me want to forget,
As young as I was,
I felt older back then,
More disciplined,
Stronger and certain,
But I was scared to death of eternity,
I was saved by grace,
But destroyed by naivety,
And I lied to myself,
And said it was for the best,

And now faith is replaced with a logic so cold
I've disregarded what I was,
Now that I'm older,
And I know much more than I did back then,
But the more I learn,
The more I can't understand,
And I've become content with this life that I lead,
Where I drink to much and don't believe in much of anything,
And I lie to myself,
And say it's for the best,

We're moving forward,
But holding ourselves back,
And we're waiting on something that will never come.

Hoho, I guess almost everyone can relate to this ey? :P
I guess its okay to be scared and all, not wanting to make the same mistakes again but you don't have to just, throw your luck away just like that.
Saying you're doing the right thing, its just not for you and you're much happier where you are right now.
And I guess its okay to believe every now and then. Eventhough fate can really twist in a way so cruel you feel as though your life is gonna end right then and there, you just can't stop believing.
Thats like part of the fun, waiting to see what the tides might bring.
Maybe it's right in front of you but you refused to give in, refused to get hurt, refused to lose parts of you?

We're still pretty much a child, and everyone needs a


ayla said...

At this period, my mother tends to scream and shout. Therefore, I do not need a mother at this particular moment.