Gasoline, gfs and tired cheeks

Monday, June 22, 2009

Had a fantabulous time hanging out with the gfs but sadly Yas couldnt make it as she's still in India so we tagged her in all of the pictures so she wouldn't feel left out.
Kudos to Ila,Me, Kocha, Krina, for the pictures.
The last time we saw each other was like, a year ago so it was a great reunion.
Gile kepoh semua orang, plus jakun as we've never been to Gasoline and it serves like, the best food and drinks. I had Tarzan, which is chocloate shake blend with bananas and topped with whip cream. Nyum! Reasonable price also.

We've known each other since forever. Banginians have a trait yang
orang luar Bangi susah nak ada. Bukan baik atau buruk pun. Its just the thing that keeps us close. I guess thats why most of us macam tak reti2 nak cari besfren luar dari Bangi, well kalau ada pun mcm lain still. Most of the Banginians yang I met kat luar are usually loners yang tunggu weekend utk balik jumpa childhood friends. Haha. And gossip pasal orang luar Bangi yang weirdos. Gila katak bawah tempurung kan kiteorg. Padhal sendiri yang tak betul . Oh well thats Bangi to you. ^_^

Syaza the accountant, Khai si geologist, ojai err, not sure, Dayah the lawyer, Awin the engineer, Kocha the Physiothereapist, and me the errr lost designer? Bweh! Ila si photografer. Much love guys! As usual, the line will always be " WE SHOULD DO THIS MORE OFTEN!". See ya next year. :D


MIHLYLE said...

gler ah , lamer giler x jumper kausar... anyway.. those drink looks yummy, geram nak makan rasenyer... kat mane gasoline ni??

Gooseberry//Yo said...

kat sunway pyramid ada kot? sg wang de.times square ada. sdapp. hehe.. eh kocha next sem maybe blaja balik.kat puncak dkat nga ur houseee!

FaFaFa said...

which gasoline is this? why tak makan yg ade scene2 ala2 meja jepun ?
ni kat luar eh?
mkn kat dlm lagi feeeeling.
ala2 kat tmpt lain.

konon la

aheiheihei ;)

Gooseberry//Yo said...

hehehe i know. tp actually dkat luar ni btul2 tepi lake tp disebabkan kiteorg camwhore sgt2, lake pun lupe nk tangkap. baddd !