The most wtf dream ever

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Go ahead and cakap yo budget Edward Cullen but i HAD THE SICKEST DREAM EVER.
Dreamt I was a vampire. so I tried and succeed in cutting of my wrist, and I mean sampai putuih, and then I put the remaining hands yang dah kodong into my mouth and suck the bloooooooood.
The taste of it like so besi and karat, yechhh.
So I looked at my crippled hand and wait for it to grow back coz vampires usually healed fast kan but it didn't, and so I though like "oh-oh am i going to b crippled for the rest of my life?"
and blood was dripping all over the floor..k I'm getting sick just by typing these words so I better stop now


DyanaYunus said...

kenapa seram sgt ni? -_-"

MIHLYLE said...

haha my dream lagiteruk, afinq mimpi afiq gi castinmg for like a modeling competition then kene reject sbb my personality cam too happy, like bodo. hahaha
but ur dream cam dream org kemaruk twilight... ahahha