Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dad's comin in a few minutes. Last night was awesome, me doodling on the bag without thinking pasal duit and stuff. Money does changed you in a way.
So back to basic mcm album sape tah, christina aguilera. Rasa macam tu.
Mlm ni had dinner dates with 2 of my childhood friends, dari darjah 6 and form 1 kawan.. So yea I'm good.
Had to redesign the company profile for this graphic company. Why not redesign the toilet , perhaps tambah flush ke kat jamban, as the starting point?
Atau bikin aircond ka?
Oh and I just found the reason die tanak letak aircond coz takut perkejer tidur. What da duck kan. NGENGNGENG NGENG.

p/s: Rasa mcm nak bela kucing. When will I get over this fear of cats and haiwan bertulang? I get nauseous just listening to their heartbeat and tulang yang begerak. Its like I'm missing out on the good stuff. :|

I remember ada this one time, Ina and Awe campak anak kucing dlm hostel aku and locked the door and diaorg lari kluar. I was shakingg and screaming my lungs out. Luckily Mai the kucing lover rescued me, (or is it the cat), and had a good laughed about it.
That night, I had a nightmare involving the cat and getting stepped on. And blood.