Surat utk yow

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dear Yo,
Seemed like you're not so lost anymore. Remember the days where you cried yourself to sleep and curled up like a broken child next to the phone, back in Perak, wishing someone would be there to tucked you in and love you?

Remember the days when you found out he went behind your back, the whirling spin of truth, and the trembled you felt at your knees, and how you ran to the corridor of the hostel at 5 am and out of the blue, threw your slippers and watched it jatuh and just hoped to forget, to forget, to forget. The nonstop crying and the painful heartache, you still remember that?

Remember how naive you were back then, so naive yet so brave. The back and forth ride between Perak and Bangi, by yourself coz you liked to travel alone, and how the very thought of Bangi ached your heart, just like that.
Remember nights of makeups, singing your heart out with your friends, crying to the heavy workloads and dragging your feet to classes, 1 hour late with sleepy panda eyes, always.
Remember how Sarah always thought you're the most precious girl ever and that she made you feel loved, even more so, you loved a bit part of you, inside and out, coz she sees something yang orang lain tak nampak?
Remember how takut they were when you tried to throw the perfumes away ? "Ehh jangan3x bagi kitaorg jee!".

Seems like you're so far away from where you were right now. Is it that you are found?
Will you still have your feet on the ground? Years from now?

A sillyreminder. I feel so different now. Aku makin shallow? Makin tak remeh?
I'm not the girl I once was.
I don't know what to feel.
Blank gila.
I used to be all..crazy and sensitive.
And now I feel..fine.