Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New layout. White looks cleaner and i can See my cbox properly now!yeah!
So happy.

In a good mood to start working. Doakan we nailed the assesment! Harus cari kelapa tua!
Can't waaaait to go home this coming Friday and see the family! Mak, yo rasa nak makan sotong goreng la hihi.hihi.

Tadi I was so mad at a group of gang, not naming anyone, so haruslah beli cardigan baru. Tepaksa.

Let's see..2 of my projects dah submit, 2 proposals settled this week, mtvme dh siap, so tunjuk next week. Kena ingat to design the cover when I get back here on Sunday.
ISNIN- Prepare to habiskan samuaa Project Management and then focus on TVC, which mcm banyak gak kene betulkan.

Boring gile bebel pasal skoolwerk. Call me crazy but but I'm kinda excited to start working this coming holiday.


FaFaFa said...

layout pun putih like u. :))

anyway, the work? hihi. ganbatte neh! =D
best nya balik...monday im having assesment which im not really 50% done yet! so mcm tak ley balik je. :))hahha

Gooseberry//Yo said...

haha i'm having the assestment hari rabu.!! do come.ade mcm show yg lopek.mari mari!