Friday, April 10, 2009

Manusia mcm always ade way untuk tak jadi happy and tak bersyukur.
Macam, always longing for the past or hope for the future. Macam tak boleh jadi fully happy dekat present. Where you are right now, is happy. You're fine. Not regretting anything from the past, or hoping on anything for the future.

Dance, kiss and be merry.

MM..k. well, what I'm trying to say is, u know the diff between questions and wonders? Little kid looks at the sky and wonders. Later on, will ask so many questions. And belajar untuk cakap I dont know for the things yang die mmg tak tau. Makin besar, kepala makin full of knowledge, takkan admit kalau dia tak tau. Maybe orang besar yang boleh cakap "I dont know" tu, maybe thats a true knowledge.

Manusia cam makin lama makin lupa how they were, they become, critical, to what they have. Over analysing stuff , asking too many questions and not knowing when to let go and just tarik nafas dalam dalam. Now bila something bad happen, they will regret over many things and mula start salahkan diri and orang lain. AND back to square one. They analysed balik diri masing2 dengan harapan bila ada peluang, maybe things would be different. But yang sedihnya manusia is just manusia and really, perangai adalah perangai. Macam susah kalau nak tukar perangai yang mmg dari lahir ko adapt and sekatakan dgn seluruh kehidupan kau.
Kalau habit, well, mungkin boleh. Tapi "old habits die hard".
The thing is, you find someone yang boleh stand ur stupidest perangai, lamest jokes, ugliest dance and cacatness all around.

Maybe dalam dunia ni ade 1/4 lucky people yang boleh jumpa orang macam tu.
I hope I'm one of 'em.


Igniz said...

yesterday is history..
tomorrow is a mystery..
today is a gift..
that's why it is called 'present':)