Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I should make this blog only for my artworks and no personal crap but cant stand the tot of not blogging.aiyo..

Shoes makin will start tomorrow as the trip to Penang cancelled. Sorry mak n abah tak smpat bgtau.been so busy lately.No new artworks juge..too many assignments to be done.

Tgh uno craze lately,playing with the guys smpai pagi. Berhantu k uno.

Hape lagi ye, mmm craving movies .cant wait for benjamin button and i'm missing my nieces to bits and pieces. alolo.

mmm thats about it!nak g 7e dengan turdle. bye!


Paiz said...

wat la another blog just for ur keje keje and this one stays as your aaa...personal life blog??

Gooseberry//Yo said...

tu la..tp personal pun ape sgt la aku tulis .blogally retarded .haha