Friday, January 9, 2009

For 3 whole days we (me ,kuwe wok dila papa babu) went for modelling (!???) for batik or mim tunas mekar ke ape tah. The lecturer had called on us since he was desperate and we got the heights andd....we Had lots of fun mainly coz its a new thang for us and gile la kekok jalan mcm itk kot. Compared to the other models, i feel like an ugly duckling specially tgk the other models with their coloured hair,eyes, cute little figure..but they were really nice. It's like my whole view has change.oh well,embrace your own beauty as MIHLYLE always say.

Pictures will be post later since I'm at my cousin's house right now and he's breathing down my neck while I am writing this post and giggling away.

Hm what else? Lan and Din, Fa zie aad and other had been really helpful to use, thankx guys and Lan had put a really good makeup on me, making me looked..eerie and urmmm prettier than before la.hahaha.

Mana gmbar wey babu?

Big news will be out soon, but keeping mum, settling things here and there and my stomach is growling right now and sape sape yang tahu pasal ni, do lend me tips and pros and other stuff coz i'm as cluelesss as a newborn baby/piglet [mihlyle's] acececececehhhh .

Ayla, call me esok boleh?
I want to share smtg. Ym takda


FaFaFa said...

i got tons of ur photos. let's forget babu's. his still mesmerizing his OWN photos. hahaha (tet)

anyway, u look GOR-freaking-GEOUS.

Gooseberry//Yo said...

hahaha noo way i looked horridly weird laa..can i have some of em photos??? :D

FaFaFa said...

u? mana ada part yg wierd?! =="