Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I looked wasted.The aunties!Cik yo and Cik la!

Aylaaa miss u!please come home!byk nak cite!!

Its been a blast having my nieces around. We went to the park, got chased by a cat [seriously] salma je tak takut , went to 7e with the whole fam mcm jakun haha and each of us bought something , salma;oreos, me;ice cream paddlepop marshmellow yang tak sedapp, aishah bought slurpee [the best i've ever had], and my older sis su bought bika and stuff, hanan makan sume org punye makanannn.cant remember what my bro bought and why am i rambling about this?
Coz i want to keep this as a remembrance.
My bro got into this annoying pathological liar phase .Pasal sume benda pun nak tipu.Gile annoying and he infected the whole family now.wahahahdem.OK enuff about that.
Hanan is sooo comelll.. with her 3 little teeths and big smile..ngeeeeeeee..
tgk die main kejar2 lagi fun..gonna miss those 2 rascals nanti..waaa..
ok here's the pics, sikit je ,most of it dkat su's camera.

Well ade yg gmbar lama ade yg gmbar baru.TAPELAH.and ignore my bro. i just love the kids' expressions!