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Friday, December 12, 2008

☻ What do your friends call you?


☻ When is your birthday?
u shud know this by now

☻ What are your favorite food?

☻ Are u a hard drinker?
++ nope

☻ Where are you now?

☻ Do you work now?

☻ What song you like to hear when the time you are so lonely?
puisi untuk rangga doh~

☻ Favorite Movie.
chick flix

☻ provide some of your choice number.

☻ What is your perfume?
Ive never had a perfume before and dont intend to have one unless its anna sui's but knowing how cheapskate i am, prolly will never own one unless its a present given by anyone.

☻ Do you have other Friendster account?

☻ Are you a party girl/boy?
++ no

☻ Is there someone mad at you? If yes. Think why.
Hum..dunnow dunkare

☻ Name someone u like.

☻ Who are your best friend?
Sape yg trase~

☻ A friend is..
a nice cool breeze blowing at the back of yer neck.

☻ what is more important? Loved ones? Or your Friends?
dunnow?same kot

☻ Do you slept with your contacts?

☻ Do your experience your bf/gf told you that you’re the only one? But the fact is he/she lied.
ppl dont lie

☻ Did a time come that you had 2 or more bf / gf?
playing the field is so..6 years ago~

☻ Are you in a relationship now?
ya think?

☻ Who was the last person you dated?

☻ What is Love for you?
Patient,friendship, ok tepengaruh ngan kuch2 hotahei dammit! cuti ni trukla!

☻ Is there any one of your ex and friend of yours you know that they are together now?who are they?

☻ What makes u happy?
artwork menjadi, my family when bickering ,my daddy without his fake teeth, my mum when she's busy doing her translating jobs, salma when she quote "dont mess with me" and the way she love aurora,out of the 4 princesses, watching movies with my sibs, my sibs' silliness and the way they always b there for me no matter what, laughing and bahan kure when he makes fun of me, his patience and his tardiness which somehow pisses me off at the same time, hanan bila die pndang atas while i helped her tatih and her oh so shy smile, hanan when she sucked on my nose, ila & kocha with their lame-ass jokes and funny stories with brilliant expressions and gestures, and so on. My crazy house/coursemates , sentiasa menyinari hidup setiap kali bangun tido yang tanpa cuti.I am so loved.

☻ Introduce your self. Tell us some words that they must know.
I'm yo and I'm kinda lost . Will you help me?

☻ How about a message for you exs?
Seperti berjelaga bila kau sendiri mwahahaha.

☻ Say something to your bf/gf
jgn bangun lewat. ): [ oh so garang

☻ Dedication to your crush?
Ingin bingar aku mau dibasar

☻ Dedication to your friends?
Aku tepengaruh dengan puisi rangga ciss bangat!

☻ Tagging.
++ my unknown stalkers.ooo misterinye. gile la poyo yo.hahahahahaaampeh meh tidoq naa sblum aku memalukan lg diri ni.