Kenapa aku tak sayang Edward Cullen

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Just had a ym conversation dengan nad about twilight .She just watched it a while ago and I remember the day I saw that movie with Kure, Yana ,Zul and Farid.

It's really fun you know seeing the hunky vampire carrying his gf on his back, naik pokok laju2 and boleh sampai mana2 tempat dengan sekelip mata. can shine beautifully bila kene sun...waa

I said to Kure "Kan bes kalau kau laju, bleh bawak aku g klas everyday,lambat pun takpe."
Dreaming away, wishing for a supermarital bf.While sitting next to my bf.
Haha. And bile sampai to this one sad part, I was crying [quietly] emo ke apa,maybe I was pms-ing that day, finding it was too sappy to handle so yeah, I cried [quietly].

Tibe-tibe one of my contact lens went up in my eye, like, way up, coz kering and thats why I really hate crying while wearing lenses.. Try as I might utk turunkan,die tak mau turun gak so I had to asked Kure to check on it. So keringkan mata cpat2 supaya tidak diejek menangis. He asked to open my eye real wide and somehow managed to get the thing off my eye and all the way bebel pasal tak bawak solution and such, bahaya yadayadayada.

I settled quietly on the seat with a secret smile on my face and watched the Cullen guy on the screen while thinking that it was okay not to have vampire as a boyfriend to carry you everyday and watches you" sleep at night, obsessive and stuff and whats his quote anyways? "I feel very
protective of you"??...As long as you have a nice boyfriend to save you from going permanently blind for the rest of your life.:)

Life's good.


rougeberrynudd said...

takpe yo,if u tak sayang edward,i still sayang dude,bwk laa solution next time!gile dowh!

Gooseberry//Yo said...

hahahhaa i knowww i knoww...kdg2 buat semak beg jee!

Paiz said...

oh fick so hensem. my idol~~

sweet la post ni :)

Gooseberry//Yo said...

tq faiz :)

FaFaFa said...

fick mmg idola semua jejaka. wahaha XD

aww man, ni yg takot pakai lens ni. uhuk! my school fren slalu kena mcm ni, and show it to me, as if i can take the lens out of her eyes!!



Gooseberry//Yo said...

hahaha..its not really that bad.
cuma takut tersangkut permanently je,make sure slalu bawak solution coz this will occur kalau kering je!otayy? =)

DyanaYunus said...

hahaha comel gila itu kure :)
betul pendapat kamu itu, tapi saya ttp syg edward cullen HAHA

Gooseberry//Yo said...

ahahaha i prefer his curly haired friend laa yana tp tak igt sape name