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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

3 to go and a painting to be done. in less than a week. Kinda tired but need the money. Had to go to my sis's place to help out lusa, jaga salma and hanan since kod wont be around. Glad Mesra Mall is near .hehe. Went somewhere yesterday and listened to "good is good" by Sheryl Crow all the way home. A sad ending to a wonderful day but it went away, the feeling. Glad it's over.

Lets see,what else is new. My cousin asked me to design a board game, kinda like Monopoly but dint get the full info so i'm not gonna start on that one yet.
Had to design the kidnergarten[cani ke eja?] 's corporate identitiy,u know, the usuall callcard letterhead shirt etc etc etc. Tough.
Flash haram tak sentuh tqverymuch, just like the past holidays, adoi, luckily kure said he'll tutor me at the beginning of this semester. Hopefully dpt catchup.
Result for this semester will be out soon. And I mean really soon .Like a few seconds soon.
I'm a nervous wreck already.

Off to bed. Nite one and all.

*Vector, she reminds me of Salma.


rougeberrynudd said...

like seriously,kecut perut pk result...shuckss!!

FaFaFa said...

nice illus!
love the trees...ada shadow2. hehe comel2 sumenye!


results? tak de pun. ceh, bwat org tak ley tido;..

Gooseberry//Yo said...

i know..very the keji laa korang uitm ni... aiyoo

thanx fa! took me awhile to finish this one